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How to use iPhone augmented reality Measure app

How to use iOS 12 augmented reality (AR) Measure app on iPhone and iPad.

While several third party measuring apps have been developed since ARKit debuted last year, iOS 12 introduces Apple's own augmented reality measuring app. Measure uses the iPhone's camera to measure distances between user selected points, a feature that has probably been in the minds of many ever since the first smartphone cameras arrived on the scene.

How to use trackpad without 3D Touch on iPhone

iOS keyboard trackpad 3D Touch

There was a time when quickly moving the iOS keyboard cursor was impossible. Back in 2012 the jailbreak tweak SwipeSelection showed iPhone users there was a better way. Apple added its own trackpad mode with the introduction of 3D Touch. The iPhone 6s was first to support the feature, which converts the keyboard into a trackpad for moving the cursor quickly around text.

5 iOS 12 features to get excited about

iOS 12

Apple unveiled iOS 12 during its WWDC keynote on June 4th at the McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, California. Early testers have praised how the the beta has helped the performance of older devices, like the iPhone SE, instead of slowing them down. Animations, switching between apps and all around performance is faster on all devices running iOS 12. While the focus of the new firmware is primarily speed and stability, iOS 12 does come with a few noteworthy new features. Here are a few worth getting excited about:


How to downgrade from iOS 12 beta to iOS 11

iOS 12

Running the latest and greatest beta software can be exciting. It can also be premature, as there's a reason why they call it beta testing. For those with a device running iOS 12 beta, downgrading back to iOS 11 may be a preferred option. This means re-joining the wait for a public release of iOS 12 this fall.

Siri could play Spotify tracks in iOS 12


Apple is opening the door for third-party music streaming apps such as Spotify to use Siri. Users of services other than Apple Music, such as Spotify or Pandora have dreamed of controlling playback with Siri for years. This becomes one step closer to reality thanks to something called Play Media being introduced to developers with iOS 12.


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