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How can I fix slow iOS 4 on my iPhone 3G?

Many iPhone 3G users who updated their firmware to iOS 4 have reported problems including sluggish performance, decreased battery life, and excessive heat coming off their device.

One temporary fix has been discovered and my help in some cases. The change is fully reversible and can be initiated with the following steps:

1. Navigate to Settings -> General -> Home Button -> Spotlight Search
2. Deselect every option in the list.


Flickr iPhone App Gets iOS 4 Update

The popular photo sharing site Flickr first launched its native iPhone app in September 2009. The latest update, version 1.2, is now available on iTunes and takes advantage of new features in the iOS 4 operating system. Multitasking allows photo and video uploads in the background instead of preoccupying the iPhone until the task is complete. A badge on the app icon indicates how many uploads are processing.

apple iphone app flickr 1.2 iOS 4

Fast app switching means that every time you open Flickr, the app will remember exactly where you left off last time the app was used, and you can continue what you were doing. HD video upload capability will be useful for those iPhone 4 owners who enjoy recording 720p video on their devices. Hopefully Flickr will add high-resolution support for the Apple retina display in the next update.

iOS 4 Users Can Opt Out of Apple iAd Data Collection

Now that Apple's iAd mobile advertising solution has launched, some may be curious just how Apple intends to target customers with ads geared towards their personal tastes. Turns out that Apple will leverage data collected from 150 million iTunes users to help determine where to place ads.

apple iphone iOS 4 iAd logo

The apps you download, how long you use them, and which ones you delete delete are all known by Apple, as are any other purchases you make on iTunes. The company does not share this data with advertisers directly, but instead allows advertisers to select from different targeting options based on user preferences. Apple has already sold $60 million in mobile ads for its iAd system.

Fring on iPhone 4 Supports Cross-Platform 3G Video Chat

Watch out Apple, Fring has FaceTime in its sights and has launched a new version compatible with iOS 4. What this means for owners of the latest iPhone is they are no longer restricted to Wi-Fi only video chatting. Not only does Fring enable 3G video chat, the company is offering their software for multiple smartphone platforms.

apple iphone fring 3g video calling

Unlike FaceTime, which only allows video chat between two people who both own the iPhone 4, Fring makes it possible to video chat with anyone running the software and with those running Skype. Currently Fring is available on Android and Symbian phones as well as iOS 4.

Lawsuits Mount as Apple Works on iPhone 4 Software Fix

Apple now claims an error in the iPhone 4 firmware is responsible for the dramatic drop in signal bars some have experienced when the device is held a certain way. An update for iOS 4 will be released in the coming weeks to address the problem, but in the meantime several lawsuits have been filed against Apple over the issue.

The most recent suit was filed Friday in the Northern District of California and accuses Apple of false advertising, breach of warranty, and unfair competition among other complaints. The plaintiff, Steve Tietze is seeking class action status for the case and contends that Apple is guilty of "misrepresenting and concealing material information in the marketing, advertising, sale, and servicing of its iPhone 4 - particularly as it relates to the quality of the mobile phone antenna and reception and related software."


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