Apple Store Down, iPad Pre-Order Begins Shortly

The Apple store is down internationally, as Apple updates its store to get ready for the US pre-order of the iPad. Starting at 8:30 AM EDT, prospective customers will be able to order the WiFi-only and 3G capable versions of the Apple's hotly anticipated tablet. Today's pre-ordering is open to US customers only. The WiFi-only iPad is slated for arrival in stores and homes on April 3rd, with 3G models arriving later in the month.

iPad Pre-Order Starts Tomorrow: Important Details Confirmed

iPad pre-ordering begins tomorrow, and those of you who intelligently want to avoid either lines, rumored supply shortages, or both, can finally lay claim to an iPad, or two, or three. Beginning at some time after midnight tonight, Apple will update their online store and allow customers to start placing pre-orders for both the WiFi only and WiFi + 3G versions of the highly touted Apple iPad.

apple store ipad pre-order update

As usual, Apple's been hush-hush on the details, which is a little odd considering the details usually allow buyers to make more informed decisions on whether or not to purchase a product. However, Apple's never conventional when it comes to drumming up buzz for their products, so having bloggers and journalists running rampant trying to dig up details on the launch of one of their products likely suits them just fine.

The iPad Guide has put together a list of

Will the iPad Bring Hulu to the iPhone?

A report filed a few weeks ago on The iPad Guide brought to light rumors that Hulu was developing and iPad application or a version of its popular video sharing site specifically for the iPad. In other words, the folks behind the technology at Hulu were at work creating a version of Hulu that didn't require Adobe Flash. In regards to Mobile Safari and Flash support, the capabilities of the iPad and the iPhone are seemingly identical, meaning that a Hulu for the iPad would be expected to work on the iPhone as well.

hulu on the iphone?

As The iPad Guide article suggests, "the same limitations presented by the iPad are those that have kept Hulu from the iPhone. Any effort by Hulu to develop an iPad-compatible version of Hulu would, in turn, create a version of Hulu that is also iPhone compatible. So, the proper question might be, if Hulu has a non-Flash version of their website in their wheelhouse, then what has kept them from building it for the iPhone?"

Unlike YouTube, who had to re-encode all of their videos in order to bring them to the iPhone, Hulu already

Apple Announces iPad Ship Date: Pre-order March 12

Apple announced today the Wi-Fi only iPad is scheduled for release in the US on Saturday, April 3. The company is accepting pre-orders for all models (including 3G versions) starting on Friday, March 12. Shipping of 3G models in the US and iPad availability in other countries is planned for late April.

apple ipad preorder

The iBooks app for iPad including Apple’s iBookstore will appear as a free download on the App Store in the US on April 3. Apple has developed 12 new iPad-optimized apps that will be included on the iPad out of the box.


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