No contract required to buy Apple iPad?

No contract, ever. Apple will release iPad models that are Wi-Fi only, however if you're interested in 3G service using a cellular network, AT&T has your data plan.

The company is offering iPad owners 250 MB of data for $14.99 per month. Unlimited data costs $29.99 per month. Everything is activated and pre-paid right on the iPad. With no contract you can cancel anytime.

Also included in the plan is free use of any AT&T Wi-Fi hotspot. The iPad 3G will ship unlocked with a GSM microSIM card. Apple has stated that international data plan deals are in the works.


Apple iPad Specs Announced: Also Runs iPhone Apps

Steve Jobs announced a brand new product with some impressive specifications today. The long-awaited tablet is named the iPad and sports a 9.7 inch IPS LED capacitive touch screen. Apple has redesigned the operating system and of course included multi-touch on the new device.

Apple iPhone iPad

Fast response times and sharp graphics are made possible by a custom processor, the Apple A4 chip running at 1 GHz. The iPad will come with built in flash memory with different models carrying between 16GB and 64GB of storage.

More Boring iPhone and Apple Tablet Rumors

Hope you're sitting down, folks. Take a look at the pictured SIM card trays below. Finally we have unequivocal proof the Apple tablet exists!

iphone 3G sim tray

China Ontrade is the same company that brought us the iPhone 3GS bezel before the new iPhone was actually released. Only problem is that the bezel pictured had nothing to do with the iPhone 3GS. So file this 4th generation iPhone SIM card tray under ridiculous waste of time.

Will the Apple Tablet be a Jumbo iPod Touch?

So much for the Apple touch pad / HD video movie / Cocktail music media / netbook killer / iPad tablet running Snow Leopard. The latest "scoop" from an "insider" points to a device more focused on movies, music and email than actual computing. iPhone OS anyone?

apple touch tablet

According to a "tip" from a "reliable source" the new Apple device is scheduled to be announced in January and will hit store shelves a few months later. Retail price? Could be too expensive for a glorified iPod Touch.

Apple Media Touch Tablet: The iPAD?

Check out this alleged photo of the forthcoming Apple touch pad / HD media tablet / extra-large iPod Touch / netbook killer / iPAD in-the-works. Nice touch making it look like it's booting Leopard for the first time.

apple touch tablet

There are sure to be many more "leaked photos" churned out by zealous Photoshoppers. Maybe they'll have better mobile phones. Word on the street is that the upcoming Apple event on September 9th will NOT mention anything about a tablet device.


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