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Netflix adds 3D Touch support, new features

Netflix 8.0.0 iOS

Netflix continues to improve its iOS app, this time with version 8.0.0 hot off the presses. The latest brings 3D Touch support to the browsing menu, with show information accessible via Peek and Pop gestures. While Netflix does not have any Quick Actions available from the home screen, iPhone 6s users will enjoy the enhancements to browsing content. In addition to the requisite performance improvements, Netflix developers have added several new features.

Instagram now supports multiple accounts on iPhone

Instagram multiple accounts

Instagram now officially supports multiple accounts. The feature makes it possible to quickly switch between several different Instagram accounts, without having to log out. For many Instagram users who manage multiple accounts, this new capability will streamline the process and make jumping between different usernames much easier than before. Once more accounts are added, notifications for any account that has them turned on will appear on the iOS device.

Netflix to increase prices for HD streaming plans

Netflix iOS

Two years ago, Netflix froze pricing for existing HD users at $7.99 per month. These rates are set to expire in February, ending the grandfathered pricing plan. This means all Netflix users will have to start paying $9.99 per month, or downgrade their plans. Currently, the standard plan for $9.99 includes HD video and allows two different screens to be watched simultaneously. The downgraded basic plan comes at $7.99, however HD video is not available and only one screen can be watched at a time.

SOMA Messenger for iOS promises better security


There's no shortage of messaging or video chat options for iOS devices. SOMA started its foray into the world of Apple in November, hitting the App Store for free. After experiencing success in several other countries, the company now has its sights on the US market. SOMA features a network of strategically placed servers around the world, and claims to deliver the fastest messaging available. More notably, SOMA is staking its reputation on security.

Watch live games on the ESPN app for iOS

WatchESPN integration

Sports fans could always look to the ESPN app for information on their favorite teams, but watching live games required a separate app. Earlier this month, ESPN updated the official ESPN app for iOS, adding live video feeds. While at this time the separate WatchESPN app is still available on iTunes, its content is now available directly in the main ESPN app.


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