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Get an Android App Drawer on the iPhone

Android App Drawer iOS 9

iPhone owners may not be familiar with the App Drawer or App Tray found on Android devices. In a nutshell, the App Drawer provides a central location to view and launch all installed apps. Now iOS 9 users can enjoy this same convenience using the appropriately named jailbreak tweak AppDrawer. Once installed, a single app icon labeled Apps appears on the iOS home screen.

Record like it's 1984 with VHS Camcorder for iPhone

Rarevision VHS Camcorder iOS

There's nothing quite like the iOS app VHS Camcorder, except for digging up some 30-year old tapes to see if they play. Thanks to Rarevision anyone with an iPhone can recreate VHS video complete with distorted audio, washed-out color and magnetic particle fallout. Developer Thomas Worth based the app on the same JVC GR-C1 camcorder used by Marty McFly in Back to the Future. This all-in-one VHS-C video camera was the first of its kind. So what does it take to record like it's 1984?

Save Instagram photos and videos to iPhone with these apps

Instagrab app iPhone

Saving Instagram photos to the iPhone camera roll remains impossible in the official app. While Instagram may not allow this activity, there are several ways to grab your favorite photos and videos. Apps are now available to accomplish this task, even for those without jailbroken iPhones. Previously we've seen jailbreak tweaks such as SaveGram do the trick, by adding a Save option to the "..." menu. Stock iOS users will need to check out one of these apps to save Instagram photos and videos to the iPhone:

Use the main camera for iPhone selfies

SelfieX app iPhone

Taking the perfect selfie is easy on the iPhone. The only problem is that everything about the front-facing camera is inferior to the main camera on the back of the device. Lower resolution and worse light sensitivity is the trade off for making sure your face is actually in the picture. Brave souls can hold up the back camera and snap away, but there's no guarantee of framing the right shot. The free app SelfieX aims to change this situation by taking the surprise out of rear camera selfies.

Television Show Tracking App 'TeeVee' Free for a Limited Time

Having an app to keep track of your favorite television shows may sound silly, but there are currently so many good shows on the air and so many ways to watch them, things can get a bit overwhelming. For example, you can now watch Game of Thrones via your cable box, On Demand, through HBO Go and through HBO NOW. Then there is all the original Netflix programs like Daredevil, services like CW Seed and all those mid-season breaks to make matters even more confusing. TeeVee 3 is an app that allows pop culture junkies to keep on top of their favorite television shows, when it works, more on that later.

TeeVee 3

The app allows users to create a list of shows so they can receive push notifications anytime a new episode is ready to air in their time zone. The app also acts as a countdown clock to the next episode, allows users to keep track of unwatched episodes and offers detailed information and trailers for every show on a user's list.


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