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Vine Adds the Ability to Send Messages to Your Friends and Family

Vine users can now send video or text messages to anyone listed in their Contacts app, or to other Vine members. To send messages via the Vine app, just select the “Messages” option in the Settings menu or tap the Message button on a person's profile.

Vine Messages

The new "VM" feature only offers the ability to start one-to-one conversations, not group chats. However, you can send as many video messages as you want, you just have to start separate conversations with each contact. Like Facebook, VM also includes two inbox options: The first option is for people you know, and the other is for "people outside your network". You can disable the option to receive messages from strangers by turning off the "Other Inbox" feature in your Settings menu.

New York Times to Release a Better Curated News App for iOS Devices

The New York Times has went back to the drawing board and plans to release a better iOS app geared towards a "mobile audience". The NYT Now app will be a Flipboard-like offering that brings curated news from The Times and from other websites. It will also offer two daily briefings summarizing the day's events. A subscription to the app will cost $8 month for new subscribers.


The New York Times also plans to roll out another app called the called Times Insider. This app will give readers access to a behind-the-scenes look at the newspaper. Both apps will be available for the iPhone only starting on Wednesday, April 2. A Times Premier subscription will cost $45.

iOS App of the Week: Livr - A Social Network for Drunk People

Livr is a social networking application which requires users to fail a breathalyzer test before they are able to log in and connect with other inebriated members. The app promises to deliver "an online party at all times," and a mom-free experience (unless your mom is a drunk too) for drunk adults.


The app includes several features and social games for members to participate in. The Hot Spots section allows users to find the hottest hangouts by revealing the highest B.A.C. ratings of locations tagged by other members. Members can also stay at home and earn points by playing Truth or Dare, or use the Drunk Dial feature to randomly connect and chat with other drunk strangers.

Cryptocat Finally Lands on the Apple App Store

The encrypted desktop chat app and browser plugin Cryptocat is finally available for iOS devices after initially being rejected by Apple's app review team. The app uses the Off-the-Record Messaging (OTR) protocol to allow users the ability to send group messages without the fear of being monitored.


Founder Nadim Kobeiss told The Verge that the chat app was rejected by Apple for "illegitimate" reasons and that the App Store problems had been fixed.

"There was some very important help given by the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and we ended up scheduling a conversation with Apple, and after a while Apple was very gracious and understanding," he said. "I couldn't be happier with Apple right now."

Six iOS Apps to Help You Keep Track of the Sochi Winter Olympics

Here's a quick look at some of the 2014 Winter Olympic apps available for iOS devices. You can also find a list of Apple recommended apps and music in the new Sochi 2014 section of the App Store.

2014 Team USA Road to Sochi: Free (Requires iOS 4.3 or later)

2014 Winter Olympics Apps

The official Team USA companion app features daily updates, and a special “cheer” button to send personal messages to athletes via Facebook and Twitter. You can also access the Team USA shop to buy officially licensed gear.


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