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Apple Sets Deadline for iOS 7 App Optimization

Developers have until February 1, 2014 to ensure that all app submissions to Apple are optimized for iOS 7. Updates to existing apps as well as new apps are affected by the deadline, which requires developers to utilize the latest Xcode 5. Apple is likely responding to the fact that three quarters of iOS users have installed iOS 7 since its launch three months ago.

iOS 7 app optimization

Apple announced the new policy in a document titled "Make Your Apps Work Seamlessly with iOS 7". The news blurb also links to the official Designing for iOS 7 section under Apple's iOS Human Interface Guidelines. Building apps with Xcode 5 means access to APIs added to iOS 7 and 64-bit support for hardware such as the iPhone 5s.

10 Crazy and Unbelievable Apps That Deserve to be Banned From the App Store

Even with Apple's strict guidelines, a few unbelievable and mind boggling apps have made their way into the App Store. Here is a quick look at some of the most horrible, offensive and useless apps ever created for the iPhone and iPad.

#10. Pocket Heat

Release Date: January, 2010
Banned: Still available
Download link ($0.99)

Useless iPhone Apps: Pcoket Heat

Pocket Heat used to drain your battery and overheat your iPhone to keep your hands warm, but now it's just a "faux heater" that does its "best to heat you up using nothing more than pixels and sound waves". It looks like Apple wasn't happy about people turning their iPhones into portable heaters based on the App's official App Store message to haters:

"To all the negative comments - the app used to create heat by using the GPS, accelerometer and other things. This is no longer the case as Apple would not allow that functionality in this instance. We apologize for the confusion, but our descriptions and updates have always told what the app does."

Save and Share Your Favorite Articles With Flipboard 2.0

Flipboard version 2.0 has been released for iOS devices (Android users will have to wait another month). The upgrade allows users to save their favorite articles, photos, audio and video in folders called "Magazines". Users can keep their magazines private or share them with family and friends via Twitter or email.

Flipboard 2.0

Creating a magazine is easy: Just tap the + button at the bottom of any article and write a title and description for your magazine. Your magazine and saved articles will then be stored under the "My Flipboard" panel in the Options Menu. To share a magazine, just tap its cover under the "My Magazines" section, and select share. This is a great tool for saving articles you don't have time to read or finish reading.

New Horror Movie Encourages Cell Phone Usage in Theaters

A new Dutch horror film called App aims to make cell phone usage in theaters socially acceptable by allowing users to interact with the movie via their smartphones. Moviegoers are encouraged to download a free app from the App Store which uses special technology to send messages and images to the audience in real time.

Siri Horror Movie

2CFilm, who produced the movie, is touting App as the first movie with a "second screen", and promises the film will stand alone for those who prefer to keep their cell phones turned off. However, the producers didn't explain what happens when people using the app start to receive outside calls or texts during the movie.

iPhone 5 Support and More in Pandora Update

With Apple working on its own streaming radio service through iTunes, Pandora continues to improve its leading software to stay ahead of the pack. Their latest iOS app, now version 4.0 brings iPhone 5 display support and a long list of new features to Pandora Radio for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Pandora app iOS

Now Pandora makes it possible to share music directly with friends using social media. You can also find new music by seeing what others are listening to on the Music Feed. Pandora has also added full artist discographies and lyrics for all of the songs they play.


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