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Why the Gmail iPhone App Will Beat iOS Mail

Google gets credit for Gmail's sharp mobile web interface on the iPhone, however despite several native apps available from the company we have yet to see Gmail for iOS. This could all be set to change, as a Gmail app is said to be on its way to iTunes. Google has not made any official comment about a possible iPhone and iPad mail application, but observers think the time is right considering Apple's launch of iOS 5 Notification Center.

Gmail iPhone app

Sources have told tech reporter MG Siegler that the Gmail iOS app has already been submitted for review and should be released shortly. Besides Gmail's powerful search capabilities, push notifications would make the app infinitely more useful for iPhone owners. Unfortunately reading Gmail on the iPhone currently does not provide a push option.

Kick to Pick App Helps Name Unborn Babies

With a little help from their parents unborn children can now choose their own names by using the Kick to Pick app. This is how it works:

You simply create a list of your favorite baby names by selecting from thousands of potential choices, place your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad over the mother's stomach, activate the countdown switch, and watch as your baby kicks to pick its name.

You can either choose to accept the suggestion or ignore it and make the baby pick again. I guess it's never too early for your child to learn that you don't always get what you want in life, but you will only have yourself to blame if he or she comes out of the womb a little PO'd.

baby iphone apps

Kick the Pick founder Nathan Parks said the idea came from a discussion about baby choices, and how they have no say in their own names. "What started out as a light-hearted chat soon turned into a series of app ideas," Parks said. "We're delighted with the finished product we've designed. It's light-hearted, good fun and a great way to involve the whole family in what is a key milestone of a child's life."

Apple Brings iWork Productivity Suite to the iPhone

Apple has released new versions of its three productivity applications as universal apps, so iPhone users can now create and edit documents on the go. Keynote, Pages and Numbers were previously touch-screen optimized and available for the iPad. Now iPhone owners who already have the software on their iPads can upgrade for free.

Apple iPhone app iWork suite Keynote Pages Numbers

For everyone else each individual app in the suite costs $9.99. Keynote is Apple's answer to Microsoft Powerpoint, while Pages and Numbers handle word processing and spreadsheet functions. The products import and save documents in Microsoft compatible formats, although many enterprise users are still looking to Microsoft to create mobile versions of their software.

iPhone Game Tiny Wings Dominates App Store

Angry Birds has met its match, and it's another bird game for the iPhone. Tiny Wings was launched one week ago with little fanfare and has managed to become the top paid app in the iTunes App Store. The overnight success of previously unknown developer Andreas Illiger is earning him $0.99 per download.

apple iphone app tiny wings top paid

The app itself is small enough to download over a 3G connection and features graphics that change every single day. Gameplay only requires one finger and a desire to beat your previous high score. The object of the game is to fly for as long as possible in one day before night comes and you're forced to sleep.

SlingPlayer Mobile Update Adds iPhone 4 Video Out

After recently adding 3G streaming support, Sling Media has updated their SlingPlayer mobile iOS app again. Version 2.1 adds component cable video out support on the iPhone 4 and iPad when streaming in HQ mode.

apple iphone slingbox video out

This feature makes it possible to watch your favorite shows and other SlingPlayer media on a television right from your mobile device. SlingPlayer Mobile 2.1 also includes several bug fixes to improve stability and app operation.


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