How to convert Keynote presentations to PowerPoint or PDF on iPhone and Mac

How to convert Keynote files to PowerPoint on iPhone, iPad and Mac.

While Apple's iWork is a perfectly good productivity suite that includes Pages, Numbers and Keynote, Microsoft still controls the lion's share of the market with its own collection of office tools that are practically household names - Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

How to use formulas for Numbers on iPhone and iPad

How to use formulas and functions in Numbers spreadsheets on iPhone and iPad.

Besides simply keeping large amounts of numerical data well organized, the true utility of a spreadsheet lies in its ability to easily manipulate the data to derive sums, averages, maximums and so on. To do this, you need to use formulas in certain spreadsheet cells. For a simple example, you could have the prices of all the items you've sold on Ebay in column A and their shipping costs in column B.

How to remote control presentations with Apple Watch

Keynote remote control

Using PowerPoint or Keynote to deliver presentation slideshows just got easier with the Apple Watch. Now presenters can remote control slides right from the watch, with no other external remote needed. Keynote for iOS version 2.5.3 adds support for the Keynote Remote Apple Watch app. Previously, Keynote users could use their iOS devices to remote control a slide presentation on a Mac. Apple Watch functionality operates in much the same manner.

Anyone Can Use Pages, Numbers, and Keynote for iCloud

Apple has officially opened the iWork suite of productivity software to anyone with an updated web browser. Ownership of a Mac or iOS device is not required to create an iCloud account. Once the user has an Apple ID, the web-based versions of Pages, Numbers and Keynote are free along with 1GB of iCloud storage to save related files.

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iWork for iCloud was first launched in 2013 for beta testing, and later extended to all users with an Apple ID. Creating an Apple ID at www.icloud.com is as simple as clicking the text "Create one now" at the bottom of the sign in page. Users will need to enter a name, email address, date of birth and security questions for password protection.

Apple Brings iWork Productivity Suite to the iPhone

Apple has released new versions of its three productivity applications as universal apps, so iPhone users can now create and edit documents on the go. Keynote, Pages and Numbers were previously touch-screen optimized and available for the iPad. Now iPhone owners who already have the software on their iPads can upgrade for free.

Apple iPhone app iWork suite Keynote Pages Numbers

For everyone else each individual app in the suite costs $9.99. Keynote is Apple's answer to Microsoft Powerpoint, while Pages and Numbers handle word processing and spreadsheet functions. The products import and save documents in Microsoft compatible formats, although many enterprise users are still looking to Microsoft to create mobile versions of their software.

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