How to convert Pages files to Word files on iPhone, iPad and Mac

How to convert Pages files to Word, PDF, RTF or EPUB files on iPhone, iPad and Mac.

Apple's productivity suite includes Pages for a word processor/desktop publishing app, along with Numbers (spreadsheet) and Keynote (presentation software). All are perfectly good programs, but the fact remains that Microsoft's productivity tools - Word, Excel and Powerpoint - dwarf them when it comes to market share. That being the case, chances are that you will want to send a Word file to somebody at some point, or edit and return one that is sent to you, so you will want to know how to convert your Pages files. Here's how to change them to Word files on your iPhone, iPad or Mac:

How can I do a word count on Pages documents on iPhone and iPad?

Whether it is for school, a writing contest or just curiosity, people often want to know how many words are in their document. Pages, like any other word processor has a word count feature. To get your document's word count, open up a Pages document on your iPhone and tap the "..." button in the top right. Toggle on Word Count and tap done. Now you will see the number of words at the bottom of the screen.

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