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Pay any bill with a photo and a credit card using Plastiq

Plastiq app iOS

Although paying bills will never be a joyful process, we are lucky to live in a time when the actual process of making payments is easier than ever. Thanks to auto-pay features and other online conveniences, you can at least be sure that the monthly gouging of your bank account doesn’t actually require much effort on your part.

Discover new podcasts with Aurora

Aurora Podcast Discovery iOS app

If you’re like millions of iPhone users, you love a good podcast. Once a pretty niche industry, podcasts are quickly replacing audiobooks and music playlists as the default form of audio entertainment on the go. The way things are going in the podcasting world, your favorite author is as likely to have a podcast as your next-door neighbor is.

How to check your Uber rating, link Spotify and more

Uber iPhone app.

Since its inception in 2009, Uber has quickly become the most popular cab-hailing service in the world. It is driven by its smartphone app, which allows the user to order an Uber car to pick them up at their location and take them to wherever. While many simply use the app to hail their car and track its progress, there are many other features that can improve the experience. If you have the Uber app on your iPhone, here are some features you might not be aware of:

Check your rating

What you need to know about Reddit: The Official App

Reddit official iOS app

After years of serving as one of the Internet’s most popular social websites despite never having an official mobile app, Reddit now has an official mobile app.

The process of this app’s creation began several months ago when Reddit acquired the popular third-party Reddit browsing app Alien Blue. At the time they named it their official third-party browsing app, but as of today Alien Blue has been taken off of the app store and Reddit’s now official app has taken its place.

So how is it? Well anyone that used Alien Blue previously will notice that a lot of that app’s designs are still the foundation of this new, official app. The main philosophy here appears to be minimalism, which has always been Reddit’s philosophy in terms of layout.

Best apps for editing photos on your iPhone

Afterlight iOS app iPhone

The iPhone has revolutionized many aspects of our mobile lives, but maybe none more than photography. Apple loves to let the public know that more photos are taken on iPhones than any other device in the world. That said, it only makes sense that the iPhone would be one of the best places to edit photos as well.


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