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Armored iPhone Case Stops Machine Gun Fire

The ultimate protective case for the iPhone has finally arrived. Marudai has designed this extraordinary iPhone case with a 1-inch thick armored plate capable of stopping a 12.7mm round. Pictured below is the case along with a commemorative dummy bullet that will ship with your case.

iPhone bulletproof case

The manufacturer warns that calling should be performed with both hands, as dropping the rig on your foot could cause damage. Complete protection like this weighs in at a whopping 4.6 pounds. The iPhone is installed inside the case with an included hex wrench, used to tighten four M4 cap bolts.

Waterproof iPhone Case Protects Against Snow, Rain and Sand

Looking to use your iPhone in a harsh environment without damaging sensitive internal parts? Now with the Concord Keystone ECO MarineCase you can safely bring your iPhone underwater without sacrificing full functionality. The case is designed to protect an iPhone 4 or 4S in up to 20 feet of water.

Keystone Marine ECO iPhone case

Whether it's dust, sand, snow or rain threatening your iPhone, the MarineCase keeps the device safely protected inside with secure locking design. With a rating of IP58 you never have to worry about using the iPhone while on the beach, fishing, swimming, kayaking or any other activities close to the water.

iPhone Case Uses Automotive Coating to Fix Itself

iPhone case getting scratched up? This problem could be a thing of the past thanks to the latest automotive technology. Nissan has announced the Scratch Shield iPhone case, which uses a layer of the same polyrotaxane coating found on the company's vehicles including the Murano and 370Z.

Nissan self healing iPhone case

This groundbreaking technology was developed in 2005 and provides a tactile gel-like surface that is highly scratch resistant. When the layer is disturbed, the material actually reacts to a scratch by returning to its original shape and filling the gap. The self-repair process can take anywhere from an hour to a week depending on the depth of the damage.

Turn Your iPhone Green With New Solar Battery Case

Etón's iPhone 4 Rechargeable Battery Case went on sale today. The case features an 1800 mAh rechargeable lithium ion battery with recharging solar panel, and microUSB to charge and sync with iTunes.

Eton's battery

It also includes a battery/solar charge indicator and a standby switch to turn off the charge dump to iPhone. The case retails for around $78.00. One hour of solar charge provides you with 25 minutes of extra talk time, 20 minutes of internet time and 35 minutes of video time. Check the chart below for complete charge time breakdowns.

Kensington iPhone Security Alarm: The Perfect Invention For Drunk Apple Employees

Apple should stock up on Kensington's new BungeeAir iPhone alarms. This case doesn't protect your iPhone from falls, but warns you via a wireless security tether when you get a certain distance away from your phone. The distance can be decreased or increased to your liking with the BungeeAir app. This is the perfect invention for people who love to leave iPhone prototypes in California bars!

 BungeeAir  iPhone alarm

The 3-in-1 accessory for the iPhone is a wireless tether, battery and case. You just put your iPhone inside the case, attach the tether to your keys or pants, and you will never lose your iPhone ever again... Or at least that's the theory. If you still manage to forget your phone, the case automatically invokes the iPhone's passcode security. You can then locate it by using the "find" button which sounds another alarm on the device.


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