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Dual SIM Cover Allows You to Add a Second Line to Your iPhone

Do you have multiple cell phones for personal and business purposes? A company called Vaveliero has figured out a way to help you cut back on your mobile devices. Vaveliero has invented an iPhone 4 case that allows you to use multiple SIM cards on one phone.

The accessory replaces the iPhone 4′s microSIM slot with an external SIM adapter giving you the option of using two accounts on one device.

multiple iphone 4 lines

It's unclear if you need an unlocked phone to use more than one carrier, and the different accounts can't be used at the same time. But it's a cool feature that could come in handy at the office by allowing you to carry one device to work, and by giving you the option to switch to your personal line at quitting time or during breaks.

Speck CandyShell View iPhone 4 Stand Case Giveaway

Another day, another giveaway. This time Speck enters the fray with the CandyShell View iPhone 4 stand case. Like many of Speck's products the CandyShell View protects your device with a hard outer shell and rubberized interior. This model features a built-in retractable stand that props up the iPhone 4 in portrait or landscape mode for easy viewing.

Speck Candy Shell View for iPhone 4

When you're finished with the kickstand, simply zip it back into the case and the Speck CandyShell View will continue to protect your iPhone 4 from impacts and other wear. Thanks to lightweight TPE and polycarbonate construction this stand case weighs just 1.57 ounces.

More Proof of Imminent Verizon iPhone Launch

Every day seems to bring another reveal in the ongoing wait for a Verizon Wireless iPhone launch. This weekend is no different, with online catalog screen shots from offwire.com leaked in news reports showing Verizon Wireless iPhone 4 cases manufactured by Case-Mate.

verizon wireless iphone case case-mate

It's not clear whether or not there are any changes in case design required for the Verizon iPhone 4 model. The entries have since been pulled off of the web. Text anticipating the Verizon launch was also discovered on a Case-Mate landing page:

Apple Offering Free iPhone 4 Bumper Cases After Sep. 30

Apple's free iPhone 4 case program and app may have smoothed over any lingering doubts over the new antenna design with consumers. Consumer Reports, however still has a bone to pick with Apple over the end of the program, scheduled for September 30. Starting in October, Apple will no longer offer third-party cases to iPhone 4 users.

apple iphone 4 free bumper case program

The company will continue to offer free Apple Bumper cases, but only to those customers who contact AppleCare support with antenna problems. Those purchasing an iPhone 4 by September 30 will still have 30 days to claim their free case under the original program using the iPhone 4 Case Program app.

iPhoneFAQ Store Launches

Today our brand new iPhoneFAQ iPhone product and accessory store launched. As many of you have noticed, the old store disappeared some time ago. Why? Well, we just weren't satisfied with the product offerings, navigational ease, and other aspects of the previous store. The good news is, the store is back, and this time it is much improved.

the iphonefaq online store for iphone accessories

We've partnered with MobiHand to bring you some of the best iPhone related products out there, with first class customer service and a winning reputation to back it up.

You'll be able to shop for new products for your iPhone right here while you're getting your daily fix of iPhone news, answers to frequently asked iPhone questions, rumors, tips, guides, and more. The new store features products such as Bluetooth headsets, iPhone cases, iPhone chargers, iPhone software, iPhone headphones and more.

Each week we'll feature new and popular products. Whenever possible, we'll offer hands-on, in-depth reviews of products found within the store to help with your decision making.


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