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Now Waterproof Your iPhone 4/4S

There's been a lot of talk about the next generation iPhone sporting waterproof technology. Both Liquipel and HzO are looking to make all of your favorite mobile electronics immune to water exposure and its consequences.

In the meantime, we've seen several cases including the Case Marine and ECO MarineCase hit the market and promise to keep your iPhone dry. Those looking for an all-around durable and waterproof iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S case are in luck, because now the top-notch Lifeproof iPhone Case is in black on Amazon.com.

Limited-Edition Star Wars iPhone Cases Coming to a Galaxy Near You

Accessory maker PowerA previewed their limited-edition, officially licensed Star Wars iPhone cases at this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles. The lineup includes a fuzzy Chewbacca collector case, a detailed R2-D2 collector case, and two beautiful cases inspired by the original Star Wars movie posters.

Star Wars

The first four limited-edition designs will be available from major retailers later this year. The character cases will retail for $39.99 each, and the movie-poster versions will cost you $29.99. The hard-shell plastic cases are designed to fit the iPhone 4 and 4S.

New iPhone Cases: EcoXpro Waterproof Case and Dausen iPhone Pico Projector

Grace Digital has added the EcoXpro waterproof iPhone case to its ECOXGEAR lineup. The rugged case will work with almost any smartphone, and is also compatible with the waterproof EcoXbud earphones.

iPhone Cases

The waterproof smartphone case features a built-in 3-inch full-range speaker, external waterproof headset jack, up to 30 hours of battery life (with standard AA batteries - not included). It also offers extra storage for your keys and other pocket items. The EcoXpro smartphone case is available now..

Minimal Waterproof iPhone Case Protects Without Bulk

Looking to waterproof your iPhone without expensive treatments or bulky cases? For those who don't need to go deeper than 30 feet, it looks like the solution is here. A lightweight, easy to install case has arrived called the Case Marine, which is so thin you can even use it under another case.

Case Marine iPhone waterproof

Some have even referred to the accessory as an iPhone "condom" since it's stretchy and installs so quickly on the device. The front of the Case Marine covering the screen is acrylic, and the rest of the case slips on easily and seals with a JIS rating of IPX8. This just means you don't have to worry about any unwanted fluids leaking inside.

Transform Your iPhone Into an Etch A Sketch

The Etch a Sketch is making a big comeback... Not only did it see a boom in sales after the famous Mitt Romney aide gaffe, but it's now a stylish iPhone case. The iFoolish iPhone protector keeps your iPhone safe from scratches while allowing you to keep notes or doodle to pass the time.

iPhone cases

The 3.7-inch retro red case comes equipped with a drawing pen and an Etch a Sketch-like "magic drawing board" for nostalgic adults, or youngsters who are lucky enough to own an iPhone. The iFoolish iPhone case weighs 70 g (2.4 oz) and requires no app, setup or battery power to use.


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