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Zombie Quest for the iPhone and iPad is a Fun Hex Based Strategy Game

Zombie Quest is a fun strategy game where you must defeat evil masterminds and their minions by outsmarting them in a turn-based board game. Players must use their werewolf soldiers and special abilities to takeover the battlefield to win. The game's increasingly difficult levels, various traps, achievements and fun cartoony characters is what separates it from other turn based hexagon strategy games.

iPhone Zombie Gmaes

In Zombie Quest players take turns moving their monster movie characters around a hexagon shaped board. Players can replicate their creature by moving one space, or transport their icon a few spaces to try and transform their opponent's monsters into their own. The player with the most monsters at the end of the game wins. The boards in Quest Mode get increasingly difficult with each level by adding traps, and harder challengers with different special abilities. Users gain an opponent's special ability each time they defeat them.

Rovio Refreshes Angry Birds Franchise with Bad Piggies: Does Anyone Even Care?

Rovio Entertainment is attempting to freshen up their popular Angry Birds franchise by releasing Bad Piggies on September 27. The new game for iOS, Android and Mac devices tells the other side of the Angry Birds' story by allowing fans to play as the pigs.

Rio Angry Birds

"There's a lot of empathy towards the lovable enemies from the Angry Birds games, and we've been constantly asked: what about the pigs' side of the story?" said Mikael Hed, CEO of Rovio. "Bad Piggies gives you the chance to play as the second-most-loved characters in the Angry Birds universe, and explore this rich world through their green eyes."

Angry Birds Seasons Goes Back to School

Angry Birds is back with its latest installment, Angry Birds Seasons Back to School. Not only has developer Rovio launched a new, bubble-blowing bird into the mix, but there are 20 new levels for Angry Birds addicts to explore and conquer. The levels are themed for everyone's favorite September activity, returning to the schoolyard.

Angry Birds back to school

The new bird is a female, sporting pink feathers and blowing bubbles. Although it may look cute, the new bird still packs a punch against those wily pigs. The bubbles grab objects and float them into the air out of place before popping and unleashing havoc and destruction on the ground.

Angry Birds Space: Red Planet Teaser Trailer

Rovio Mobile Ltd. released the teaser trailer for the next Angry Birds game on Friday. Angry Birds Red Planet is the follow-up to Angry Birds Space which was released earlier this year.

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Rovio is also working on a new pig based game in hopes to freshen up the Angry Birds franchise, which surpassed the 1 billion download mark back in May. According to Pocket-Lint, the new game will be played through the perspective of the pigs, rather than the birds. Players will be tasked with defending their eggs from a catapult assault. The game will feature pig and Angry Bird characters with different strengths and skill sets. Angry Birds Space: Red Planet is expected be avilable sometime this fall, and the new pig-based came is expected to land on iOS devices sometime before Christmas.

Celebrate the Olympic Games by Downloading Goal Defense for Free [Tower Defense]

The $0.99 Tower Defense game Goal Defense is available for free for a limited time in celebration of the upcoming Olympic Games in London. Goal Defense is a simple hex-based Tower Defense game for the iPhone and iPad. It features 40 challenging levels, fun animations and plenty of upgrades and bonuses.

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In Goal Defense you must train a team of random athletes to defend the Golden Bowl trophy from waves of muscle-bound jocks. The game follows most of the basic Tower Defense staples, but its fun cartoonish play separates it from other boring TD rehashes. The game is simple to play, just drag your players onto the field to stop the oncoming waves of enimies from getting to the trophy. You can upgrade and sell your players by tapping them, and use click and drag bonus weapons to save your butt when a jock slips by your defense. The controls may be simple, but the game does get increasingly difficult and trickier as you advance. For example, on level six small vans begin dropping off players closer to the target making it more difficult to build a solid defense.


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