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New Zombie App 'Infected' Brings a Fun Twist to the Tower Defense Genre

After a long wait for the disappointing Last Stand 3, I've been desperately trying to find a fun and addictive new free zombie game. I originally dismissed Zombie Lane as a lame Facebook app that forces you to spend money to play, but it has grown on me over the last week (especially after the Christmas update which added new missions and stuff to buy). The only problem is Zombie Lane is not the best time passer. It's a great game to have on your phone for random bits of procrastination, but having to wait five minutes to perform one task can get kind of tedious.


Infected is more of the fast paced kind of game I've been looking for. It's a fun twist on the tower defense genre where you use police officers as torrents to defend citizens from zombies. The app can even access your Facebook friends turning them into the helpless victims. Like any tower defense game you can upgrade your torrents, buy better armed police agents, and use random weapons to bomb zombie hordes. The game has a good mix of free upgrades and features an online multi-player mode.

iPhone Gaming Accessory iControlPad Has Arrived

We've been watching the iControlPad since it was first announced as a prototype in 2008. Now thanks to ThinkGeek this gaming accessory for the iPhone is finally available! The iControlPad has gone through several redesigns since its conception but the final product remains a Bluetooth-connected physical control pad for gaming.

iControlPad launch ThinkGeek

In fact, thanks to its Bluetooth connectivity the iControlPad is compatible with a wide variety of smartphones, tablets, consoles and computers. Adjustable brackets mean the iControlPad can be directly attached to a variety of mobile devices, and flash memory means the firmware of the accessory can be updated

Meet the Real X-Men: First Class!

The iPhone is going retro with X-Men Arcade -- the best side scrolling X-Men arcade game ever created!

To tie-in with the release of X-Men: First Class in theaters, Konami decided to re-launch their 1992 beat-em-up classic for IOS and Android devices. Like the original game, X-Men Arcade supports multiplayer through Bluetooth, allowing you and three of your friends to do battle as Cyclops, Colossus, Wolverine, Storm, Nightcrawler or Dazzler. It features Open Feint (Leaderboard and Achievements), Facebook Connect to publish scores, and the inclusion of the famed Konami code (Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, B, A, Start).

X-Men Arcade iPhone

X-Men Arcade is available for $2.99 in the App Store. Get ready for some serious button smashing as you take on Magneto, and an army of Sentinels to save Professor X and Kitty Pryde. Other Marvel supervillains include Pyro, Blob, Wendigo, Juggernaut, and Mystique.

Angry Birds Seasons Adds 15 New Easter Levels

As expected, Rovio has released 15 new levels for Angry Birds Seasons to commemorate the arrival of spring and the Easter holiday. Version 1.4.0 for iPhone features pigs with bunny ears and plenty of Easter eggs. There are also bonus levels that can be unlocked by liking the game on Facebook from directly within the app.

Spring Angry Birds Rovio update Easter

The update is free for those who already own Angry Birds Seasons, but if you haven't joined the fun yet it's only $0.99 for all of the holiday levels ($1.99 on the iPad). Previous releases include Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's Day and St. Patrick's themed levels with the same basic game that Angry Birds fans have become accustomed to playing. Rovio continues to expand the Angry Birds franchise with new software on the horizon.

Atari Brings 100 Retro Games to iPhone and iPad

For those who remember the good old days of video gaming on the Atari 2600, the most comprehensive retro gaming collecting to hit the App Store is finally here. Atari offers 100 games in total, some which emulate arcade versions of these classics, and others just like the cartridges for Atari's home Video Computer System (VCS). The app, Atari's Greatest Hits, comes with the 1972 arcade version of PONG, with other games available for in-app purchase.

ATARI greatest hits iOS retro gaming

Different packs of four games organized into categories run $0.99 each, but the entire collection of 99 additional games can be had for just $14.99. Downloading the complete collection requires Wi-Fi as the file is 68 megabytes. One modern feature to be added to select games is Bluetooth multi-player functionality so you can compete against others who also have a mobile device running iOS 3.0 or later.


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