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The Must Have iOS Keyboard Tweak Goes Pro [SwipeSelection]

The iOS keyboard tweak SwipeSelection is a must have for all jailbreakers and it just got better! SwipeSelection was originally released to Cydia in 2012 and it quickly became a favorite tool of the jailbreaking community. The tweak makes editing text on your iOS device easier by allowing you to use gestures on your keyboard. For example, you can move the cursor using a one finger drag, or quickly highlight and edit text by holding the shift key and dragging your finger. You'll never be able to use Apple's stock iOS keyboard again after using SwipeSelection. That's how great it is!

SwipeSelection Pro

The original version of SwipeSelection is available for free on Cydia, and now there is a pro version available too. SwipeSelection Pro has been rewritten for iOS 7 and adds new features like the ability to adjust the swipe sensitivity, cursor speed and the ability to toggle select features. Another big feature is the ability to disable the tweak by tapping the shift key three times.

NUU MiniKey for iPhone 5 Now Shipping

The wait is over for fans of tactile keyboards on the iPhone 5. The MiniKey is NUU's answer to the slide-out keyboard case, providing Bluetooth connectivity and replacing the on-screen virtual keyboard. The iPhone 5 version of the MiniKey is slimmer than previous models and as always, it protects your device like a normal case.

NUU MiniKey bluetooth iPhone 5

As anyone who has used a Bluetooth keyboard knows, eliminating the need for the on-screen keys provides extra space for whatever app you're currently using. The full display can be devoted to content, since the keyboard is off-screen. NUU has designed the keys on the MiniKey with a tilted face, to match the ergonomics of typing with both thumbs.

PictoKeyboard Tweak Adds Symbol Keys to iPhone

Typing symbols or pictures on the iPhone just got easier thanks to a Cydia tweak called PictoKeyboard. The free software package temporarily replaces an unused international keyboard with unicode symbols that can be typed anywhere. Many of the symbols are similar to emoji icons, which can be installed without jailbreaking.

Cydia PictoKeyboard tweak emoji unicode

If your iPhone is jailbroken, the installation of PictoKeyboard takes place in just a few steps and provides an easy way to add unicode symbols including the ever-popular Apple logo. Additional symbol keys can be accessed using the numerical keyboard or pressing the shift button.

iPhone Battery Case and Infrared Keyboard Not as Exciting as it Sounds

CES keeps rolling out the iOS accessories. You can check here for the latest iPad products being showcased in Las Vegas this week.

We've already previewed a few mobile charging devices that made their debut at CES, but how about a battery case that projects an infrared keyboard to make texting and emailing easier on your iPhone!

iOS rechargeable  battery

Celluon's Prodigy battery case and interactive keyboard isn't the prettiest looking thing, but the concept is cool. Unfortunately, Cult of Mac says using the keyboard only results in a "frustrating" experience. This is the first negative review I've heard coming out of CES, unless you count the electronic bag of morphing colors Engadget discovered on Wednesday.


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