More Unofficial Lightning Connectors Now Available

If you weren't into the illuminated Lightning cable with dock previously offered by iPhone5mod, they now have more official looking products in the works. The first third-party Lightning cable manufacturer will be launching its version of the Lightning USB cable and adapters at a discount price on November 3.

iPhone lightning discount prices

This will be a relief for iPhone 5 users who aren't interested in paying full price for an Apple cable. The basic connector cable starts at $9.90, undercutting the Apple Store by almost $10. Of course, shipping is not included and could add up quickly. Still, iPhone5mod offers several other products, including an iPhone 5 docking station.

Illuminated iPhone 5 Lightning Cable / Dock Hits Accessory Market

Until now there haven't been any third-party Lightning accessories on the market. Apparently, it doesn't take long to clone the authentication chip embedded in Apple's new 8-pin connector. iPhone5mod has hit the market with a cable that does more than just connect your iPhone 5 or iPod touch 5G to the computer.

As you can see in the video above, the Flash Lightning Dock will hold the iPhone 5 upright to connect. The cool part is that as the iPhone is charging or syncing the cable animates its lights to show how much the battery is charged or that data is being transferred to the iOS device. Sure, it may be a gimmick, but it's not one that Apple is likely to manufacture.

Apple Patent Points to Wireless Lightning Adapter

The Apple Lightning connector launched alongside the iPhone 5 has several advantages over its 30-pin predecessor, that is unless you own a variety of older accessories that aren't compatible. Besides a smaller footprint and simpler, reversible operation, the Lightning connector has also proven to be difficult for third-party manufacturers to replicate. The current adapter sold by Apple retails for $29.

wireless Lightning adapter

Apple could be working on an easier way to connect 30-pin dock accessories and the iPhone 5 if a patent revealed by Apple Insider means anything. The ability to wirelessly send data to any accessory would improve the functionality of the iPhone 5 with previous-generation docks.

More iPhone 5 Lightning / 30-Pin Adapter Details Surface

Connector details continue to surface ahead of the iPhone 5 arrival next Friday. One of the biggest questions facing Apple was how to implement a smaller dock connector to replace the aging 30-pin design in service since 2003. We already know the Lightning 8-pin dock connector will be 80 percent smaller and completely reversible.

iphone 5 lightning

As it turns out, Apple decided to go with the Lightning proprietary design over micro-USB because the USB cables lack functionality. Engineers believed the disadvantages of losing the standard cable format would be outweighed by additional connectivity made possible by the Lightning cable, giving third-party devices more possibilities.


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