Leaked Images Reveal Lightning Cable with Fully Reversible USB

The iPhone 6 and next-generation iPad will ship with a new Lightning cable that features a reversible USB, according to leaked images published by uSwitch Tech and Sonny Dickson. The first image shows alleged retail boxes for Apple's rumored revamped Lightning cable. The second image is a closer view of the reversible USB posted to Twitter by Dickson. The new USB connector would put an end to one of the most frustrating problems known to man by allowing the cable to be inserted into a USB port no matter what side is facing up.

Fully Reversible USB Lightning Cable

The USB Promoter Group in December announced a fully reversible Type-C USB cable was in the works, but this cable will not support current Apple products. However, Apple has been working on its own "dual orientation USB plug connector," according to a patent filed in 2013 (via 9to5Mac). The patent says that the USB would be able to mate with "standard USB receptacle connectors, e.g., a standard Type A USB receptacle connector." This means it will support current Apple computers and accessories, unlike the Type-C USB.

iPhone 5 Lightning Dock Stands Now Available

The market for third-party iPhone 5 accessories continues to grow, and Lightning-compatible options are no exception. We've already seen an illuminated iPhone 5 Lightning cable as well as some less expensive versions of the standard Lightning to USB cable. Now you can purchase an iPhone 5 dock stand just in time for the holidays.

USB Fever lightning iPhone 5 dock

USB Fever has two different options for those looking to conveniently dock their iPhone 5. The first model is the Charging & Sync Dock Cradle for iPhone 5. This basic version is pictured above and accepts your Lightning to USB cable in the rear port. Available in black or white, the price with no cables included is $15.99 plus shipping.

iPhone 5 Official Lightning Cables Launched by Griffin

Looking for more Lightning to USB options for your iPhone 5? Griffin has announced it will be the first to hit the market with official third-party Lightning cables for Apple devices. All of the options are designed to prevent tangles and kinks in the cord.

Griffin iPhone accessory

All of Griffin's cables will be fully compatible with the iPhone 5, iPad mini, 4th generation iPad, iPod touch 5G and iPod nano 7G. The products were announced in a press release and will be available starting the first week of December.

What do Apple and Harley-Davidson Have in Common?

Besides being highly recognizable brands the world over, it turns out Apple and Harley-Davidson share an interest in one trademark. You may have heard of Lightning, Apple's 8-pin connector that debuted on the iPhone 5. Patently Apple has discovered European Union documents indicating that Apple acquired a partial transfer of Lightning from original owner Harley-Davidson.

Harley Davidson Archives

H-D Michigan Incorporated is the intellectual property arm of Harley-Davidson, which owned the Lightning trademark to cover various items including motorcycle electrical parts, turn signals, eye glasses and helmets. Lightning also covered television sets, computer game programs and more. According to the report, Apple seems to have acquired only those parts of the Lightning name relevant to its business.

JBL Accepting Pre-Orders for First iPhone 5 Speaker Docks

JBL is now accepting pre-orders for two new iPhone 5 speaker docks with built in Lightning connectors. The OnBeat Micro is a portable speaker dock with up to five hours of battery life. It also features a USB port for compatibility with other devices, and it weights just 0.8 pounds for easy travel. It's compatible with all current iPhone and iPod models.

iPhone Lightning

The OnBeat Venue Lightning is a wireless speaker with Lightning connector for the iPhone 5 and iPad mini. The Venue can wirelessly stream music from any Bluetooth device, and features HARMAN TrueStream audio technology.

The OnBeat Micro is priced at $99.95 and the OnBeat Venue Lighning will set you back $199.95.


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