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How can I find a location using GPS coordinates in iPhone Maps?

To look up a specific location using your iPhone, only the latitude and longitude coordinates are needed. If you don't have an address for a place, you can enter the GPS coordinates directly into the Maps location and the location will be displayed.

  1. Open the Maps app.
  2. Tap Search at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Enter the latitude and longitude coordinates in the search bar.
  4. Coordinates can be in decimal degree format or degrees, minutes, seconds.

Here are examples of properly formatted coordinates:

How can I display current iPhone GPS coordinates?

You can use your iPhone's built in GPS to display the latitude and longitude coordinates of your current location. Follow these steps to find your location coordinates in degrees, minutes and seconds:

  1. Make sure that Location Services is ON. Navigate to Settings -> Location Services -> ON
  2. In the list of apps under Location Services, make sure Compass is ON
  3. Press the Home button to exit Settings
  4. Open the Compass app

Your current GPS coordinates are displayed at the bottom of the screen.

How Apple Plans to Stop iPhone Location Tracking

Apple has finally addressed complaints that its mobile devices including the iPhone and iPad are tracking users by recording cellular tower triangulation data. The company issued a Q&A document to explain exactly what's happening on the devices they manufacture and how they plan to remedy the issues that even some members of Congress have expressed concerns over.

iPhone Tracker open source application

Apple is already facing lawsuits over the tracking issue, which was revealed by security researchers. Although individual devices have locally stored logs of location data going back as far as the installation of iOS 4.0, Apple insists that the company can't track individuals as any data it collects is anonymous and encrypted. According to the Q&A document, the purpose of these transmissions is to build better location based services and individual iPhones are never tracked at all.

Storm Over iPhone Tracker Prompts Questions from Congress

Reports that iPhones are tracking and storing your every move are causing some Congressional leaders concerned about privacy to question Apple's motives. Reactions to yesterday's revelations that a single unencrypted file on iPhones has been recording location data since the installation of iOS 4 has been mixed.

iPhone Tracker open source application

Some have reacted with amusement, looking at maps of their whereabouts using the open source iPhone Tracker software posted on the web by researchers Alasdair Allan and Pete Warden. Others are wary of Apple's purpose and concerned that this location data is routinely backed up to computers using iTunes.

iPhone 5 to Feature Apple Friend Locator?

Recently revealed patents point to Apple developing a native location reporting app that would make it possible to broadcast your iPhone location to friends and see who's nearby. The patent, filed in June 2009, is titled "Push-Based Location Update" and is credited to four Apple engineers.

apple iphone patent friend locator native app

The Friend Locator app would track users based on their iTunes account login, and feature voluntary privacy controls such as blocking individual users from seeing your location. Those who have their iPhone set to push location updates will be listed along with their location and the distance, or as a push pin on a map.


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