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Marvel: Avengers Alliance 2 lands on the Apple App Store

Marvel: Avengers Alliance 2

While the world waits for Nintendo to finally release Miitomo, Marvel has launched Avengers Alliance 2 to the App Store. Avengers Alliance is a turn-based role-playing game where players can create a team of Marvel superheroes to do battle with Ultron, Baron Strucker, and more. The game is a follow-up to Disney's smash hit Avengers Alliance, which has mysteriously disappeared from the App Store.

Marvel Contest of Champions Trailer Impresses at NYCC

Things are really heating up for Marvel Entertainment, Guardians of the Galaxy is the highest grossing film of 2014, and the internet is buzzing about Captain America 3 kicking off a Civil War storyline in the cinematic universe. Marvel has also teamed up with Kabam to create an Injustice-like fighting game called Contest of Champions for mobile devices.

Marvel Contest of Champions  title=

Contest of Champions seems to be loosely based on the 1982 comic book series where The Collector uses various Marvel superheroes as pawns in a battle with The Elder of the Universe, the Grandmaster and Death. Players can create a team of any four heroes from the available 25 in the game to compete in a Quest mode or battle against other players in a Versus mode. The game features the typical fighting game style controls and each character comes equipped with three different special moves / powers.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes: Universe in Peril Now Available for the iPhone and iPad

The Apple App Store has been buzzing with a lot of big releases this week. Facebook launched its doomed Snapchat clone, Gameloft released its free RPG, Dungeon Gems, Disney unleashed Star Wars Scene Maker, and last but not least LEGO's Marvel Super Heroes: Universe in Peril landed on the App Store today.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes: Universe in Peril

The LEGO action adventure title is a port of the Nintendo DS handheld version released last year. The game allows you to play as Marvel superheroes such as Iron Man, Spider-Man, the Hulk, Captain America and Wolverine as you attempt to stop Loki and other Marvel villains from destroying the world. The game includes over 91 playable characters, 45 missions to complete and both console and touch controls.

Now You Can Be Tony Stark: Marvel Release Jarvis App for iOS

Now that Marvel has finished taking over the big and small screens, they’ve turned their sights on the even smaller screen. As a tie-in to the release of Iron Man 3 on Blu-ray, the company has launched a free iOS app based on Tony Stark’s virtual butler JARVIS for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

Marvel's Iron Man 3 - JARVIS: A Second Screen Experience

Officially titled "Marvel’s Iron Man 3 - JARVIS: A Second Screen Experience,” it features the voice of Paul Bettany, who recorded over 20 hours of new material exclusively for the app. The voice-activated A.I. butler is similar to Siri and uses verbal commands to post on Facebook and Twitter, set alarms, remind you of appointments, and check time and weather. With the purchase of Iron Man 3 on Blu-ray, JARVIS can be used as a remote control to navigate the disc menu, as well as unlock special Iron Man armors in the iOS app’s gallery.

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