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How can I open Safari links in the background on my iPhone?

Safari doesn't have any browsing tabs (yet) as most people are used to on desktop computers. Until Apple adds this feature to iOS, Mobile Safari simply opens a new page when touching a link. If you don't want your reading interrupted on the iPhone or iPad, there's a way to stop this from happening.

To make the link open in the background so you can check out the page later, you have to change an option in the main settings. Navigate to Settings -> Safari -> Open Links -> In Background.

How can I change my iPhone default browser?

iOS on both the iPhone and iPad offers no ability to specify one of the many Mobile Safari alternatives as your device's default browser.

Owners that have jailbroken their iPhone can add this functionality by installing an iOS tweak called Browser Changer, which is the successor to OpenOpera. There's also an SBSettings toggle available for Browser Changer, allowing for quick and easy default browser changes.

Browser Changer comes with support for over 25 alternative browsers, including popular alternatives to Mobile Safari such as Dolphin, Atomic Browser, Opera Mini and more.

How can I upload files / images with Safari on the iPhone?

You may have noticed when you try to upload a photo or file using the Mobile Safari web browser on the iPhone the feature is disabled. Apple limits this functionality on your device by default. If your iPhone is jailbroken you can enable Safari file uploading with the following tweak:

1. Open Cydia and navigate to Sections -> Tweaks -> Safari Upload Enabler.
2. Touch the Purchase button in the upper right hand corner.
3. Login to the Cydia Store and pay $1.99 with PayPal or Amazon Payments.
4. Touch the Install button then press Confirm.

Get iOS 5 Features Now: Improved Web Browsing

Apple has announced improvements and better functionality in the iOS 5 version of Safari mobile web browser. Did you know you can have all of these features and more without even jailbreaking your iPhone? Two apps get rave reviews and already incorporate the changes coming to iOS 5 later this fall and more. We'll start with the one of the best replacements for Safari, the Atomic Web Browser.

Atomic Web Browser and Instapaper

This app is only $0.99 in the Apple App Store, but it packs a punch when it comes to web browsing features you're used to seeing on the desktop. Tabbed browsing is only the beginning. Atomic has a private browsing mode, colored themes, custom gestures and full screen browsing to start.


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