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How can I clear the iPhone Safari web browser cache?

To reload a page in Mobile Safari from a remote server or clear up space on your iPhone you may want to clear the browser cache. Files are automatically stored in the browser cache just like they are on the desktop version of Safari and in other web browsers. This helps to speed up web page loading on sites you have already visited.

To clear the Safari cache:

1. Navigate to Settings -> Safari
2. Scroll down and touch Clear Cache.
3. Tap the Clear Cache button.

Your Safari browser history and cookies can also be cleared using the same settings menu.

Gmail Gets Improved Web App on the iPhone

You don't hear much about web apps these days, but there are some that look and function so well you might forget you're using Safari. Google has been constantly improving its Gmail web interface and they've recently revamped the mobile site again. Similar to the native Apple Mail app, the mobile version of Gmail's website is designed with the iPhone touch screen in mind.

apple iphone google gmail webapp

You can swipe to archive a message, and now Google has improved the scroll speed to simulate the same quick flick of the finger to jump down in the mailbox. The toolbar has been anchored to the top of the screen, a welcome reversal of a recent change that had the toolbar floating over emails.

JailbreakMe Reveals Security Flaw on All iPhones

Comex's release of in-browser jailbreaking software for the iPhone has revealed a major security hole in all iPhones. Turns out the exploit used to download and install the jailbreak in Mobile Safari could also be used by malicious programmers to install spyware or other data-stealing software on iOS.

apple iphone 4 in-store jailbreak 0xcharlie

By creating a jailbreak procedure that can be performed anywhere (pictured above by 0xcharlie in the Apple Store) Comex has also made it clear that Apple has some security patching work ahead. What happens is that anytime a PDF file is accessed from the Safari browser, the PDF is capable of running programs that would normally be prevented from execution.

How can I create bookmark folders in Safari on the iPhone?

Did you know you can create folders in Mobile Safari to organize bookmarks? This feature is hidden in Safari on the iPhone, but here's the procedure:

1. In Safari, choose the Bookmarks button (this icon looks like the outline of a book at the bottom of the screen).

2. Touch Edit on the lower left.

3. The New Folder button will appear on the bottom right.

4. Enter the title of the new folder to create and choose the folder to put the new folder in.

5. Touch Done and touch Done a second time. The new folder will appear in the list of bookmarks.


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