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4 ways to save web pages on your iPhone

How to save a web page on your iPhone.

When people come across interesting or useful web pages while browsing, the go-to method for saving them for perusal at a later time is simply to bookmark them. While this may be perfectly fine for an article you don't currently have time to read, bookmarking isn't always the best solution for webpages that you intend to reference many times in the future, as they may move to a new URL or be taken down altogether.

How to disable Suggestions to stop Safari from crashing

Safari Suggestions

Several websites and Apple users are reporting that an unknown bug is causing Safari and Mobile Safari to crash on iOS and Mac devices. Simply tapping the URL bar in Safari is causing the app to randomly shut down on the iPhone and iPad. There seems to be an issue with Apple's suggestive search which provides information such as Top Sites based on a user's browser history. Several Twitter users have suggested that disabling Safari Suggestions will temporarily fix the issue while we wait for a proper response from Apple. Here's how to disable Safari Suggestions on your iOS device:

Trick website causing iPhones to crash

First there was the Unicode of Death and now there is The site does exactly what its URL advertises -- it crashes the browser of any device of those who are tricked into visiting it, according to Gizmodo. The website overloads iOS devices by sending thousands of characters per second to your browser. This causes your iPhone to overheat and reboot, but it won't cause any permanent damage.


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