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How can I disable Safari swipe gestures in iOS 7?

iOS 7 brings several new features to Mobile Safari. One of the interface changes makes it possible to move forward or back through the history using gestures. A left or right swipe will navigate in this way when browsing web pages in Safari.

iphone swipe back Safari

Some iOS 7 users would prefer to turn off the back swipe in Safari. Currently, there are no Settings options to disable the feature.

How do I enable private browsing on Safari in iOS 7?

Private browsing is a nice privacy feature that first appeared in iOS 5. With it enabled, any data stored during a browsing session, such as history, cookies and cache will be permanently deleted when Safari is closed. Activating it in iOS 7 is simple:

1. Open Safari.

2. Tap either the bookmarks button or the tabs button at the bottom right of the screen.

3. You will see "Private" at the bottom left. Tap that.

How to Enable Private Browsing on Mobile Safari in iOS 7

You can keep your browser and search history secret by enabling "private" browsing on Mobile Safari. This feature does not keep your browser history safe from third-parties like your internet provider, employer, or websites that track user data, but it does save you time from having to clear your Safari web browser cache every time you visit a page that you want to keep private. Here's how to enable private browsing on Safari:

Safari Private Browsing

1. Open the Safari app from your Home screen
2. Tap the double square icon on the bottom left-hand side of your display
3. Tap "Private"

You will know you are in private mode when the search / navigation bar turns black.

How many tabs can be opened in Safari on iOS 7?

Older versions of iOS limited the number of open tabs in Safari to eight. All this has changed with the redesign of Safari in iOS 7. Open tabs have been optimized and a new Rolodex-inspired user interface displays up to five tabs at once when changing tabs.

While some references have stated that the number of open tabs is unlimited in iOS 7, in reality there's still a cap on open tabs. For example, iOS 7.0.3 running on the iPhone 5 is limited to 24 tabs.

Safari JavaScript Bug Discovered in iOS 6

Notice those Smart App Banners that appear when you're visiting a website in Safari on the iPhone? They can be convenient, reminding you that an app is available for download in iOS 6. If you already have the app installed, they will even prompt you to open the app.

Mobile Safari iOS 6

Now it turns out a bug has been discovered, which according to AppleInsider will circumvent user-defined JavaScript settings. The strange behavior is only noticeable if you're in the habit of keeping Settings -> Safari -> JavaScript -> OFF. Once a Smart App Banner appears your JavaScript setting will automatically revert to ON.


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