Software Fix for Dead Pixels in Your iPhone LCD

One of the best features of the iPhone is the absolutely beautiful screen Apple adorned it with. The LCD on the iPhone features rich colors, sharp contrast, and excellent resolution that makes reading even tiny text a breeze. Unfortunately, the beauty of the iPhone screen makes it that much more painful when dead or pixels show up. Luckily, there may been a quick and easy fix.

fix dead pixels on iphone lcd

Though reports of dead pixels on the iPhone haven't been rampant by any means, they haven't exactly been rare either. Thankfully, most reports indicate that Apple has been very willing to

New Details on Next Generation iPod - the iPod Touch?

A variety of sources are reporting on new details that have supposedly emerged about the new, 6th generation iPod. Though, as to be expected, these reports are unconfirmed, they seem to be gathering a good deal of attention.

apple logo for the new ipod 6th generation

A mac enthusiast website, 9to5Mac, has indicated that they have in their possession a photo of the yet-to-be-released next generation iPod. Unfortunately, due to previous entanglements with Apple's legal department, they are neglecting to publish it. Instead, they have published a description of the new iPod, which offers up the following details


Easy iPhone Ringtone and Application Installation with iBrickr

Don't let the name of iPhone hacker NateTrue's latest offering scare you away. Though you might think so from the name of it, "iBrickr" isn't designed to "brick" your iPhone. Instead, iBrickr is designed to provide easy-to-use, GUI-driven management of ringtones and third party applications for the iPhone.

easy ringtone and application installation for windows with ibrickr

Second iPhone Update Now Available

Most iPhone owners out there have been awaiting a second iPhone update as eagerly as they were awaiting the first iPhone update. Well, the good news is, Apple issued the second update, 1.0.2, to the iPhone this evening.

iphone second update is here

For the time being, it doesn't look like there's too much to talk about surrounding the 1.0.2 update. Information provided by Apple indicates that the update contains only bugfixes and does not


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