Buying an Apple iPhone Online? You might be waiting a month.

As pretty much everyone residing in the US and still breathing is already aware, the Apple iPhone went on sale nationwide today. Apple and AT&T retail stores across the country sported long lines of anxious iPhone hopefuls. As 6pm rolled around, many people who had waited in line for very long periods of time started walking out with iPhones in hand, and smiles on faces.


Apple Email Makes iPhone's Arrival Official

Apple sent out an email this morning making the iPhone's arrival official. Stating little more than "Say Hello to iPhone Today," the notice from Apple will greet many an anxious prospective customer as they open their inboxes today. For hordes of iPhone hopefuls, many long months of waiting are less than a half a day away from being over.


Apple iPhones Already Arriving in Stores

Like everything iPhone related, there has a lot of speculation around when the iPhones are actually arriving in stores. The most recently well held notion was that FedEx would deliver shipments during the midday shutdown all Apple and AT&T retail stores are undergoing. Earlier today, the idea that iPhones were arriving during the middle of the night surfaced. As it turns out, it looks like iPhones are already arriving in stores.



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