Apple iPhone Bluetooth Headset Hits Stores, Unboxing Pics Surface

The first shipments of Apple's iPhone Bluetooth Headset hit Apple stores today, and details about the headset and unboxing pics are surfacing already. Preliminary reports indicate good sound quality from the headset and a nice array of included extras.

The headset offers, for the most part, a fairly typical BT earpiece feature set, including the ability to answer incoming calls, end current call, ignore incoming calls, answer calls when on an existing call, etc.

Unfortunately, what's missing is any indication or information on the how to use the "single button that lets you make and receive phone calls simply and intuitively" to actually make calls. That tidbit is mentioned in the headset's product information on Apple's online store and previously led to speculation (by your's truly) that the iPhone headset might bring with it some sort of voice dialing capability to the iPhone. Instead, despite the claim on Apple's online store, there's no mention of actually making calls with the headset. Instead, the manual instructs users to make a call on their iPhone.

As highlighted by flickr user nomad7674's unboxing pics, one nice feature of pairing the headset with your iPhone is

Google Offers up iPhone Sized Search

If you're bothered by scrolling around and zooming on your iPhone when trying to search for something on Google, you might be happy to hear that Google is offering an iPhone-sized interface to their famed search engine.

This scaled down version of the standard Google search offers only 8 results per page, and omits clickable options such as similar pages and cached. That said, users may find the scaled down version more useable on the iPhone as the fonts are readable without zooming and less scrolling is needed when navigating returned results.

A scaled down version of Google's image and news searches are also available.


NY Times: iPhone Flaw Lets Hackers Take Over

The New York Times published an article today which paints a fairly scathing picture of security on the iPhone. According to the article, hackers are able to gain total control over your iPhone either via a WiFi connection or by tricking users into visiting a particular web site. Given the information revealed within the article, many users may decide to use their iPhone less freely, out of concern of having the wealth personal information an iPhone may contain exposed or otherwise having their phone exploited.

According to the team of security experts who found the iPhone exploits, a firm named Independent Security Evaluators, once you were able to break through the iPhone's security, the phone and it's contents were an open book. "Once you did manage to find a hole, you were in complete control," said Charles Miller, principle security analyst for the firm.

Apple has indicated that they take iPhone security very seriously and cited their track record of rapidly responding to detected vulnerabilities.

Supposed Video of 6th Generation iPod Circulating

A video has surfaced that is supposedly a demo of the user interface for the upcoming 6th generation Apple iPod. The video was produced by, a digital audio player review site. It should come as no surprise that the interface shown in the demo looks a good deal like the interface of the Apple iPhone.

Still, have a look at the video, and one can definitely wonder whether the video is legitimate or just a clever ruse.



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