Hello World: First 3rd party application runs on iPhone

Though it's just a rudimentary "Hello World" application, members of the iPhone Dev Wiki team are reporting that they have successfully compiled and launched the first third party application on the iPhone. According to the Dev Wiki website,

"The iphone-binutils project has now correctly assembled and linked Hello World, using entirely free software. The resulting binary runs correctly on the iPhone."


2nd Generation iPhone Rumors Keep Popping Up

Those of you who followed the iPhone closely in the months and weeks leading up to its release remember the ever powerful rumor mill that constantly churned out iPhone gossip. As we're all learning, and to little surprise, even the release of the iPhone can't stop iPhone release speculation. Here we are, only about 3 weeks into the iPhone era, and we're already muddling through rumors about the next iPhone. We've written about this a bit in the past, but mostly opted not to. This time there are some real details behind the latest speculation, information worth making note of.

BeeJive Multi-protocol IM client available on iPhone

BeeJive, makers of the popular BlackBerry instant messenging client, JiveTalk, have released an iPhone version of their software. Though not as fully featured as it's BlackBerry counterpart (partially because it is a web service, partially because it is only an alpha release), BeeJive for iPhone is one of the most featured IM clients available for the iPhone thus far. It also does an excellent job of matching up with the existing iPhone applications aesthetically.



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