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How To Transform Siri Into HAL 9000

Siri9000 is a useless but fun jailbreak tweak that transforms Siri into HAL 9000 from the film 2001: A Space Odyssey. The Hal icon is easily installed by downloading the tweak from the Big Boss repo, and activating it from WinterBoard. Getting the Hal 9000 sound effects to work takes a little bit more effort.

Siri Tweaks

I should warn you that the tweak does not convert Siri's voice into Hal's. It only changes the Siri start up sound to a few Hal quotes from the movie ("Good evening Dave", "I'm sorry Dave, I'm afraid I can't do that"). To activate the Hal 9000 sounds you will have to know how to transfer files on your iPhone with SSH and have OpenSSH installed.

Launch Siri Without Using the Home Button

Have you ever wanted to launch Siri without using the home button? The new jailbreak tweak SiriBoard adds an icon to your iPhone's SpringBoard so you can launch the voice assistant from your home screen. I prefer the app to holding down the home button because it only requires that you tap the icon. It also gives you two options to access Siri rather than just one.

Siri icon

Let Siri Answer Your Jailbreaking Questions

The popular Siri tweak AssistantExtensions has received an update. The Jailbreak FAQ Addon gives Siri the ability to answer your jailbreaking questions. Reading Siri an error message will prompt her to explain the problem and offer a fix. The addon will even answer questions about iTune errors that you may encounter while updating.


If you are new to AssistantExtensions it is available for free in the BigBoss repo. The Siri tweak adds built-in custom conversations, the ability to add your own Siri questions and responses, and it even teaches Siri to launch apps and search for YouTube videos.

MyAssistant Siri Tweak to be Updated With New Features and Fixes

MyAssistant is one of the more popular jailbreak tweaks that allows you to do all kinds of great things like change Siri's background and create custom conversations. Co-creator Andrea Oliva announced on Monday that the tweak will be receiving an update to add even more features and a few bug fixes.

Siri Tweaks

Version 1.1 will give Siri the ability to download, open apps easier and send tweets. Most of these functions are available for Siri via other jailbreak tweaks, but MyAssistant delivers them all plus more for the low price of $0.99. Check out the complete list of changes and fixes below.

Is Apple Blocking Siri on non-iPhone 4S Devices?

Several reports about Apple altering its requirements for Siri are causing people to wonder if the company is trying to block non-iPhone 4S devices from using the voice assistant. A new token is causing a problem for owners who are trying to connect using jailbreak tools like Spire.


Originally to get Siri to work on an non-iPhone 4S device you only needed a sever host and iPhone 4S certificate. However, according to several forums and Twitter, Apple has added a SetActivationToken which is causing issues with 3rd party servers. Thankfully their seems to be a temporary workaround.


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