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How to set an audiobook sleep timer on iPhone

Audio Book sleep timer

Listening to audiobooks at bedtime can be a relaxing end to the day. But what if you fall asleep while the book is playing? Much like other apps that offer a sleep timer, the iOS Books app offers this option. Setting a sleep timer on the iPhone only takes a moment. The process of setting a sleep timer is similar in Spotify when listening to music, or in the Podcasts app.

Sleep better with the universal Sleep Timer on iPhone

iOS Clock app

If you are like one of many people that need a little more than the sounds of crickets or the city streets to put you to sleep at night, then you probably try to drift off to some of your favorite music or maybe even the audio of a video.

It’s a great idea that can get complicated by the fact that not every audio and video player has a sleep timer built into it. What's the point then of drifting off to a little entertainment if you’re going to have to make the effort to turn off the sound yourself?

Set an iOS Sleep Timer with a Simple Gesture

Music fans who fall asleep listening to tunes may already know how to set a sleep timer in iOS. While the process is relatively straightforward, it takes a few steps to enable. Now jailbreakers can quickly set a sleep timer using a simple gesture, thanks to Activator and the Cydia tweak Lullaby.

iOS 7 jailbreak

Once installed, Lullaby can be assigned to a custom gesture in Activator. Once configured, when music is playing in the stock Music app the sleep timer can be enabled. Performing the gesture assigned to Lullaby will immediately provide a pop-up dialog box asking for the number of minutes to keep playing. Once the specified number of minutes elapses, the music stops automatically.

How to Set a Music Sleep Timer on iOS

Practically everyone with an iPhone or iPad knows how to set an alarm to get themselves out of bed in the morning. But how many of these iOS users know that a music sleep timer is also available? Setting the iPhone to automatically stop playing music after a set time interval can help one fall asleep without draining the battery into the night.

music sleep timer iOS

While the music sleep timer works with the built-in Music app and some others such as Pandora, the feature is hidden in the Clock. To set up your music to fade out quickly and stop playing when the timer ends, first open the Clock app and navigate to Timer.

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