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Apple TV gets expanded universal search content

Apple TV screenshot Siri

Universal search on the fourth-generation Apple TV continues to improve. The latest enhancement brings multiple new channels into the mix, providing an easy way to find content anywhere with a single question to Siri. Nine new channels are taking advantage of the feature, including History, Food Network, Travel Channel, Lifetime, and A&E.

Apple TV adds Live Tune-In feature to Siri search

Live Tune-In

Apple TV fans are still waiting for a live streaming package, which failed to materialize last year despite rumors of ongoing negotiations with content providers. Even as Apple continues to pursue such a subscription package, a new Live Tune-In feature has been added to tvOS 9.2. Live Tune-In combines certain apps that provide a live stream with Siri, to offer instant live viewing of supported channels.

Netflix to increase prices for HD streaming plans

Netflix iOS

Two years ago, Netflix froze pricing for existing HD users at $7.99 per month. These rates are set to expire in February, ending the grandfathered pricing plan. This means all Netflix users will have to start paying $9.99 per month, or downgrade their plans. Currently, the standard plan for $9.99 includes HD video and allows two different screens to be watched simultaneously. The downgraded basic plan comes at $7.99, however HD video is not available and only one screen can be watched at a time.

Comcast announces Stream, a live TV bundle for your iPhone

Comcast announces Stream online subscription TV service.

There has been a recent trend toward online only TV subscriptions, slimmer programming bundles and à la carte subscriptions. HBO launched its stand alone HBO Now a few months ago and Showtime recently followed suit. Earlier in the year Dish launched Sling, an online subscription service of 16 channels for $20 a month. Apple has a streaming TV service in the works that will supposedly include about 25 channels for somewhere in the $30-$40 per month range.


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