Original iPhone to be Completely Useless in 2017

Old iPhone lovers, your vintage smartphone circa 2007 will be limited to Wi-Fi only in less than five years. AT&T Mobility plans to take the 2G (EDGE) data network offline by January 1, 2017 which will leave original iPhone users without a cellular data connection.

AT&T ditching EDGE network

Currently 12 percent of AT&T customers with data contracts have devices limited to EDGE, which amounts to 8.4 million subscribers. Before panic sets in, AT&T has explained they will help customers transition to more modern devices ahead of the switch. The company needs as much spectrum as possible to support newer, faster networks including 3G and LTE.

AT&T Launches New Data Plan Calculator to Help You Understand the Meaning of Sharing

AT&T has announced that its new Mobile Share plans will be available starting Thursday, Aug. 23. The carrier has also launched a Mobile Share planner to help families prepare for the upcoming changes if they choose to switch.

AT&T Mobile Share

The new plans are designed to help new and existing subscribers share data on up to 10 devices. Users who sign up for the Mobile Share plan will also enjoy unlimited voice minutes, text messages and free mobile hotspot capabilities. Existing members are not required to switch to a new plan, but they can do so without a contract extension. At least one smartphone is required to be part of each AT&T Mobile Share group.

Get a Shared Data Plan for Your iPhones on AT&T

AT&T has followed Verizon Wireless by offering their own version of shared data plans for multiple mobile devices. These plans all come with unlimited texting and voice minutes and allow laptops and tablets to connect with an additional fee.

AT&T logo shared data plans

The plans are called Mobile Share plans, and they come in different tiers based on how many GB of data you're interested in using. To subscribe for a plan, you must have at least one smartphone connected along with a minimum of 1 GB of data.

AT&T to Block Stolen iPhones Starting July 10th

AT&T will launch a new service to deny voice, data and SMS access on stolen or lost iPhones starting Tuesday. According to an internal AT&T email obtained by The Verge, the carrier will compile a "blocklist" of stolen devices to help cut down on mobile phone theft.

Find My iPhone

The email sent to customer service representatives says the new security measure will begin on July 10th. It also states that customers "can now request the stolen device be blocked from use by others on the AT&T network", and that the line will be "automatically suspended if any attempt is made to use a device." Users will have to contact a customer service rep directly to add a device to the list. Customers with remote data wipe apps will also be required to activate them to restrict access to personal data.

Is Walmart Dropping iPhone 4 and 4S Prices?

Cult of Mac has learned that a Walmart store in Edmond, Oklahoma has reduced the prices of the iPhone 4 and 4S AT&T models. The 8GB iPhone 4 on AT&T is now $34, and the white and black 16GB iPhone 4S on AT&T is now being offered for $114. The new prices only apply to AT&T upgrades and new activations. AT&T has not confirmed if this is a carrier sale or a Walmart only promotion. It's also unclear if all Walmart stores are participating. However, you may want to visit your local Walmart to see if these new prices are available in your area.

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