AT&T Brings 4G LTE Online in 30 New Markets

The original iPhone data carrier continues to improve its LTE and 4G service with numerous investments in network technology across the United States. AT&T has recently announced 4G LTE service in 30 new markets across the country, steadily rolling out the fastest data service to more customers.

ATT more LTE markets

Although Verizon Wireless is ahead in the coverage game with more markets on LTE nationwide, speed tests are different. AT&T dominates as the fastest mobile data service, according to independent tests by Consumer Reports, PC World, and Rootmetrics. So where can AT&T subscribers begin enjoying these fast LTE speeds on their iOS devices?

AT&T to Deliver Emergency Alerts to iPhone 5, 4S

Remember the old Emergency Broadcast System that would interrupt your favorite radio station or TV show? Fast forward to 2013. AT&T customers with an iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S running iOS 6.1 or later are set to begin receiving government-issued safety messages with the next carrier settings update.

AT&T Wireless Emergency Alerts

The software update will be automatically delivered to your iPhone, after which the message "Carrier Settings Update: new settings required for your device have been installed” will appear. The alerts are part of the Commercial Mobile Alert System (CMAS). Initially your iPhone will be set by default to receive all Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA).


AT&T to Charge New Mobility Administrative Fee

A new fee has already been applied to AT&T wireless customers starting at the beginning of this month. Contract subscribers will see an increase of $0.61 per month, per line for a Mobility Administrative Fee. According to The Verge, AT&T told them the fee will "help cover certain expenses, such as interconnection and cell site rents and maintenance."

AT&T Mobility administrative fee

For those who don't feel like doing the math, this amounts to a total of $7.32 per year for the new fee. In a household with four AT&T cellular phones, the total additional cost for four lines amounts to $29.28 per year. While this may not sound like much for the average iPhone customer, AT&T stands to gain close to half a billion dollars from the charges.


iTweakiOS Releases AT&T Carrier Hack for iPhone and iPad

iTweakiOS has launched an AT&T carrier hack, which promises to deliver increased data speeds just like the previously released T-Mobile hack. Joe Brown and Sky Zangas, the developer team behind iTweakiOS, claim the new AT&T hack improves data performance on both LTE and HSPA+.


“Just like with the T-Mobile hack, this hack does the same. Band preferences were set to limit you to a certain band rather than the band giving off the strongest signal, when available, both with LTE and HSPA+.”

“This hack enables Release 9 DC-HSPA+ on the iPhone 5 and iPad 3, 4, and mini as well as enhancing LTE data and signal. Though AT&T is limited to HSPA+ 21, the device itself becomes more open to an increased amount of bandwidth thus allowing for better throughput of data and data connection. This is very convinient [sic] for users in areas that don’t yet have LTE coverage.”

AT&T Launches Aio Pre-Paid Wireless Options

Now iPhone fans looking for no-contract wireless service on the AT&T network can turn to Aio Wireless. The new company will offer different tiers based on individual markets, with unlimited text messages, voice and data. Data plans will include a specific amount of high-speed (4G HSPA+ where available) data with additional usage over the limit being throttled.

Aio Wireless pre-paid

Currently the service is available in Houston, Orlando and Tampa, with other US cities coming soon. Three data tiers will be offered in each market, with pricing ranging from $35 for 100 MB of high-speed data to 7 GB for $70. Right now Aio offers customers in Houston a 100 MB plan for $35, while Orlando and Tampa customers can spend as little as $40 for a 250 MB plan. Unfortunately for iPhone owners, the lowest-priced tiers are not available with smartphones.


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