AT&T Launches Rollover Data for Eligible Customers

AT&T fired another salvo in the ongoing battle between mobile carriers today. Responding to T-Mobile's Data Stash announcement, AT&T launched Rollover Data. Long-time AT&T subscribers will recognize the Rollover concept, which was applied to voice minutes in older calling plans. Rollover Data makes it possible to carry over an unused data allotment into the following month.

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This can help prevent overages and additional costs for eligible customers. The Rollover Data is shareable between devices, and will expire at the end of the rollover month if not used. The entire cycle begins again with each billing period. Rollover Data is set to begin on January 25, but what plans are eligible for the feature?

How to Get a Refund from the AT&T and T-Mobile Cell Phone Cramming Settlement

Both AT&T and T-Mobile have negotiated a settlement with the FCC after charging customers for third-party message subscriptions. This practice is also known as "cramming," where carriers add unauthorized charges to a customer's bill for other companies. The charges are normally listed as something innocuous like a $1.99 "service fee" which causes them to go unnoticed on a customer's monthly bill. You may be entitled to a refund for bogus charges if you have ever received daily horoscopes, dieting tips, dating advise, etc. on your cell phone. Here's how to find out if you qualify for a refund from AT&T and T-Mobile:

ATT&T Refund

AT&T agreed to pay $105 million to settle with the FCC. Some of this money will be refunded to customers who apply before May 1, 2015. You can visit this website and enter your email address or phone number to apply for a refund online.

AT&T Launches In-Store Pickup for Web Purchases

Need a replacement phone or charger in a hurry? AT&T now offers in-store pickup for online orders. The wireless carrier is touting the new service as a way to avoid the wait and expense of shipping that normally follows after buying a product online.

The promotional video above highlights some awkward moments involving the loss or destruction of mobile devices. By clicking to order and then heading down to the local AT&T retail store, these problems are solved fast. Details regarding the new service can be found in the AT&T blog post Delivering Convenience One Click at a Time.


AT&T In-Flight LTE Network Takes Off in 2015

AT&T Mobility will soon be dedicating a portion of its spectrum to an LTE air-to-ground network, keeping customers connected in-flight. The service is planned for launch in late 2015. Airline passengers will be able to keep in touch with reliable, high-speed data service via Wi-Fi at 35,000 feet.

AT&T in-air LTE

Currently, Gogo offers in-flight Wi-Fi services for air travelers across the US. The company has fitted thousands of aircraft with its technology, however its stock took a dip after the announcement from AT&T. The planned network will also provide improved connectivity for aviation customers, such as better cockpit communications and crew services.

AT&T Reveals New Single-Line Data Pricing

Reduced pricing is the name of the game as AT&T continues to revamp its mobile offerings to battle the competition. Single-line data plan customers are the latest to benefit, as the company is slashing the price of its 2GB data plan. Subscribers can save $15 over the previous offering, with the new plan going for $65 per month.

att new plans

In addition to 2GB of data, the single line plan includes unlimited voice calling and text messages, unlimited international texting, and 50GB of cloud storage. Users can even add a second line to share the 2GB data pool for an additional $25. This prices the 2GB data plan with two lines at $90 per month.


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