Yelp App Now Lets Your Post Reviews From Your iPhone

Yelp users no longer have to wait until they get home to review Amy's Baking Company and Jersey Joe's Pizzeria. Yelp version 7.0 adds the ability to write full reviews directly from your iPhone. Yelp users could only previously write "Tips", or short reviews from their mobile devices, but the new review feature now allows Yelpers to write lengthy posts on-the-go. Short reviews that are not considered "high-quality and useful" will be resubmitted to the Tips section by the Yelp staff. However, the reviewer has the ability to edit and add more detail to his or her review at a later date. Uploaded photos will also now appear alongside a person's mobile review.

Yelp 7.0

To write a review while using your iPhone, just locate the business you want to review, and tap the "add review" icon at the top of the page. It's that easy. Yelp version 7.0 is now available for all supported iOS devices. The mobile review option is "coming soon" for Android devices.

Yelp Adds New Food Ordering Feature

Yelp users in select cities can now pay for food delivery or pick-up directly from the iOS app. Yelp began rolling out the new service called Yelp Platform in the U.S. on Tuesday. The new service allows iOS users to order from restaurants supported by " and Eat24, like NYC's Harry's Italian Pizza Bar and Layaly Mediterranean Grill in SF," according to the official Yelp announcement. Yelp plans to roll out the platform category by category eventually adding new options like spas, yoga studios, salons and dentist appointments.

Yelp Version 6.9.1

Yelp Platform will also be available through Yelps mobile or desktop websites, and an Android version is also in the works. Version 6.9.1 also brings a new preview screen after taking a photo. Current Yelp users can download the update starting today.

Apple to to Include Yelp Check-Ins With New iOS 6 Maps App

I don't quite understand the fascination of broadcasting your whereabouts to everyone you know, but Apple is giving iPhone users the option to do so by adding a "Yelp Check-In" feature to its new mapping software. The new feature will allow users to easily share their location data without having to exit the Maps application.

iPhone Maps

The Yelp check-in option was discovered inside the Apple developer kits distributed to programmers earlier this month. Bloomberg examined the kit which included screen shots of the new feature within Apple Maps.

Yelp Gets Improved Siri Integration on iPhone

Thanks to iOS 5.1 the relationship between Siri and Yelp just got a little bit closer. The iPhone 4S has used Yelp from the beginning to provide answers to all of your questions surrounding local businesses, especially restaurants and bars. The latest firmware update provides more interaction from the results that Siri pulls up from Yelp.

Yelp gets more Siri integration

Now with the Yelp iPhone app installed, tapping a business listed in Siri's search results will bring you directly to the business in Yelp. This provides full access to all of the pertinent information you may need before heading over to that address, such as hours of operation, review details, and photos.

Tip: Activate Yelp's Augmented Reality on iPhone 3GS

Surprise! The popular iPhone app Yelp has a secret feature that overlays nearby points of interest on live video of your surroundings. This augmented reality feature is available in Yelp version 3.0.0 on iPhone 3GS.

apple iphone 3.0 yelp ar

To turn on the feature, called Monocle, make sure "Location Services" are ON. Launch Yelp and select the "Nearby" screen from the bottom menu. Now gently twist or shake the iPhone a few times until the dialog box stating "The Monocle is activated" appears.


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