Can I add / remove contacts from a group text message?

How do I add or remove people from a group text message?

To add a contact to an existing group text message follow these steps in Messages:

  1. Open the group message thread
  2. Tap the information icon (the letter "i" with a circle around it) the upper right corner
  3. Tap Add Contact to add another party to the group message

UPDATE: You can now delete a person who you added to a group message by going to the "Details" panel and swiping on their name. Learn more about adding and removing contacts with iOS here.


I have an iPhone 4S. When I updated my iOS to 7.1.1, I had a problem, my phone lost all my current files and I had to upload my file from a previous backup date.

Is the iPhone 4S compatible with the upgrades that I am receiving , i.e. - software update to 7.1.2?

I am scared to update and then lose my files again.

Please advise.

Thank you,

If your iPhone or iTunes alerts you to the existence of an update and allows you to install it, then it's compatible. You won't even be notified if your phone doesn't support it.

I have updated to iOS 8 & there is not an option to add contact to a group message. I've checked everywhere. Am I missing something? I have a 4s.

Me too; I wan to add a contact to an iMessage thread but there isn't the option. It just says "contacts" in top right corner of message that allows you to see the details of those already in the message group.

I think they are just trying to get traffic to their website. This can not be done..... yet!

You canonly add and remove if the entire MMS group is using iPhones.

If they are not, then it is impoossible. Sorry, kids.


Man this is no good for Apple and for us. I'll rather change to Android!

Yes, u can if u have the right phone and the right update. I'm here bc I was looking to c how 2 remove a contact. I got the info & did it. Add a contact is easy, it says "add a contact. I found on this site how to remove; To remove u swipe the name. I have an iPhone 6 with the latest software upgrade.

I have IPhone 6 with the latest software upgrade and there is no "add contact" option on any screen for the group message. At the top right of the group message there is and i which lists the members of the group. The "Details" at the top is not a link, and after scrolling all the way down I see no option to add a member.

No you aren't my 5S doesn't allow adding or deleting people either.

I have ios 8 and my message dosn't have an add feature. Just how hard is it put this functionality in the program GET WITH APPLE..

Agree!! I've needed this feature a couple of times. Makes me miss android.

That is not true. I'm on ios 8.1.1 and there is NO Add Contact capability under details. Just another ios hack.

I just had a lengthy chat with Apple support about this. So far, it is only available for a convo of all iOS 8 users and there needs to be at least 4 in the group message.

Before the update I was able to, after the update it killed that functionality. Just some 411. On Android it works all the time, as a matter of fact they were the first to implement that feature. Just some more 411.

I hope that answers your question.


I have the latest update: ios 8.3 and there is NO Add Contact feature when I open the details of the thread AND all of my contacts have iphones! Seems like extremely basic functionality that is a big 'miss' on Apples part.

If I block someone in a group text that I started. Would they still be able to reply to all?

My daughter has an iPod touch 5 and is having a problem with iMessage. Her friends keep creating new group conversations and including her and she is now bombarded with msgs each day over 200! Is there a way that permission from the receipent has to be sought before adding her to a group? She has groups of the exact same people in them.

I have an iphone 6 Plus with an iOS 9. I tried deleting a name from a group message I sent by following the Update 2 directions. The name does NOT swipe - it does not move and I can't delete the name. Any ideas?

I went through some troubleshooting steps to understand why I do not have the "add contact" option.
My original group of five had two Verizon android users. I dumped those two, leaving the three only iOS users. The option to "add contact" appeared afterwards. This tells me that there is no size limitation or minimum group size. It's got to do with the operating systems of my group in the group MMS. I hope this helps.

Apple has an "only game in town" mental flaw! The iphone does not work well with competitor's smart phones, routers, hubs, wifi modems, and messaging, etc. So disappointed I drank the cool-aid thinking that Apple was the Best. They are certainly Not! Will dump them as soon as possible!

Group texting can be convenient but privacy issues come up. I have an iphone6. If you want to text only one person next time and get rid of the "thread" of others you can type in a member of the group. When all members of the group text show up next to the name you can edit out others by "removing all recents" until all but person you want to text remain. Kind of a pain but it works.

Apple needs to make it possible to delete a comment in a group text so NO ONE can see it &/or delete that person from the conversation and make it part of the next iOS update

if you are facing problem in your iphone then you are in right place

My sister suggested a way of delete entire group texts from the iPhone texting app list and it worked perfectly, even on my iPhone 5s:

‘Here’s the fix: Start a new text msg with the first letter of the lead person in the thread. When the text screen comes up, it’ll show the group. Click on the i with the circle around it and it will give you the option to remove the entire group.’