Can I recover a forgotten iPhone restrictions passcode?

Can I recover a forgotten iPhone restrictions passcode?

The purpose of iPhone restrictions is to lock certain functions of the device. They are also referred to as Parental Controls, capable of hiding songs with explicit lyrics, preventing YouTube from running, etc.

Without the four-digit passcode restrictions can't be changed. If you have forgotten your restrictions passcode you must restore your iPhone using iTunes to reset the passcode. When asked, do not restore the iPhone from backup, otherwise the old passcode you don't know will be enabled.

After restoring as a new iPhone the Parental Controls are reset to default and the passcode disabled.


But it requires you to pay for pro version is that right.

These people are a waste of time. The software is no longer free. Instead, it's quite expensive. Find another vendor.

this video will show you how to easily recover/change restrictions passcode on iphone.

if ure willing the lose all data u can easily go to and through find my iphone erase the iphone.

This money-grab doesn't work. The file I need is nowhere in site.

Restriction passcode can't remember

don't pay
its open source and safe as well as very fast

This works so well. Definitely use this. So easy and fast. Just make sure to back up your phone before hand and have a computer ready. Amazing!!!

I forgot my Restriction Password.

Password missing

Forgot my restrictions password under general.?

I forget password restrictions

In order to backup your iphone you have to turn off your restrictions or the sync won't work. So this article is incorrect.

0000 is the default restriction code

Thank You for the genius 0000! I would have been here all night trying to recover a code that I never programmed!

So wait if you've forgotten your restrictions passcode and you type in 0000 it'll let you in?


yes...for me too

So if you've forgotten your restrictions passcode and you type in 0000 it'll allow you in?


Not yet use restriction pass code. Now I try 0000 but i can't open. What is next option

Thank you....I would have never guessed it would be....0000

Omg! 0000 worked! I guess people tend to think alike.

So I reset my I phone and did not restore from backup. I then reset my restrictions password now, can I restore from backup to get all my pictures and contacts back? Will the password I recently made after restoring my phone to default, will that password be saved if I backup all my stuff? Help please!!!

Maybe this site will help someone else. It helped me crack the code instead of overwriting files or restoring the iPad:

How does it work, the 0000 does not work and am still stuck with the restrictions passcode

It worked for me!
Turns out my 'secret code' was 0123
Who'd a guessed it!
Thanks for the link, whoever you are!

Thanks for the link, the method it worked perfectly.

thanks a lot! I cannot thank you enough. It took me forever to find something that would work, and it looks like your way did the trick!