Samsung Calls iPhone "Old School" in New Facebook Campaign

Samsung has transformed their Facebook page into an iPhone 4S smear campaign. One image compares the iPhone 4S to two tin cans on a string and other outdated cell phone technology. The "cutting edge" (Samsung Galaxy S II) vs. "old school" (iPhone 4S) ad campaign also pokes fun at the iPhone's screen size, battery problems and Apple not releasing a new iPhone in 2011. Here are some examples of Samsung's recent wall posts making fun of the iPhone 4S.

Samsung Facebook

Take your pick: Carrying a magnifying glass or click to zoom?

Sick of squinting? It's okay, Samsung has a phone for that.

Celebrate your freedom of choice.

Sketchy battery? It's okay, Samsung has a phone for that.

If it looks the same and feels the same - it's probably the same.

I'm not sure how iPhone owners will react to Samsung's jokes, but insulting them doesn't seem like the best way to convert Apple fans into Android users. However, the Facebook campaign does seem to be getting a lot of attention on Apple related blogs... So maybe it's working?


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