How to add a Contact from a group message

Group Message

Sometimes you'll receive a group message that includes a person not listed in your Contacts. This person will be represented by a a stock icon instead of an icon image you assigned. You can easily add this person's personal information to your Contacts app from a group message in a few simple steps. Adding a person to your Contacts app makes it easier to locate their information in the future. It will also allow you to search your phone for that person, or use Siri to call or message that person at any time. Here's how to add a Contact to a group message:

How to see already purchased apps on iPhone

App Store purchases

The iOS App Store can be used to find an app that was previously installed on the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Viewing a list of past app purchases makes it possible to quickly and easily reinstall an app. A collection of apps associated with one Apple ID can even be searched for a specific app owned by the account.

How to Purchase More iCloud Storage

How to buy more storage for your iCloud account.

Apple has replaced iPhoto with the new Photos app and launched the iCloud Photo Library feature. Now, if you want, every photo you take with your iPhone or iPad will automatically upload to the iCloud Photo Library. You can even use the library to save the full resolution images while leaving smaller, optimized images on your iOS device to save space.

How to change the default email address on iPhone

iOS share sheet Mail

Sharing from an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch offers many options. One of the oldest and most useful in many cases is still email. If your iOS device has several accounts configured in Mail, it's possible to send content from Apple and third-party apps using any of these email addresses. When a new message is composed, the iPhone automatically uses one of the accounts.


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