Apple Goes Mission Impossible on Developer's iPhones

After denying countless developer applications for entrace into the iPhone Developers Program last week, Apple has begun accepting applications and allow developers to begin using iPhones to test software developed with the beta iPhone SDK. However, the good news isn't all good news. According to a new article on iPhoneAtlas, Apple has added what is, in short, a self-destruct mode to developer iPhones should a developer fail to comply with terms of the SDK.

self destruct

As part of the agreement developers make when using an iPhone for development purposes, once a phone is used for iPhone development - it must always be used for iPhone development, at least until

Native App Sweetness: GeoPedia, Location Aware Wikipedia

We always enjoy keeping our readers up-to-date on the latest in third party applications available for the iPhone, especially when they are this darn good. Yesterday, a new application named GeoPedia was released. GeoPedia takes advantage of geographic positioning functionality, like those introduced in iPhone firmware 1.1.3, and provides iPhone owners with a Wikipedia feed customized to their current location.

Once installed, one need only launch GeoPedia on their iPhone to receive a iPhone stylized interface featuring a list of Wikipedia articles relevant to the phone's location. Check out the sample screen shot below for an example of GeoPedia's interface.

Apple Considering Offering Unlimited iTunes Music Downloads for iPhone, iPod

An article published today by the Financial Times reports that Apple is in the process of exploring offering unlimited music download from iTunes at no cost to customers who purchase an iPhone or iPod. The concept is basically the same as the Nokia "comes with music" program which the handset manufacturer offers in partnership with Universal Music.

itunes music downloads

Essentially, either program would allow customers, who have purchased a handset or MP3 player at an inflated price, to download unlimited music and keep that music


8GB Refurbished iPhones on Sale for $249 via AT&T

There was a smattering of unconfirmed reports last week that indicated AT&T was selling off refurbished iPhones at a significantly discounted price at seemingly random retail outlets throughout the country. The reported price of $249 is considerably lower than the price at which Apple sells their refurbs ($349). According to Engadget, these reports have all but been confirmed and AT&T is now selling these to the masses via their online store.

Though reports from last week indicated that you could possibly purchase the refurbished phones in person without

Search, Download, and Save YouTube Videos Directly to your iPhone

Without question, one of the best and worst features on the iPhone is YouTube. Being able to watch YouTube videos from anywhere at anytime isn't just convenient, it can be a lot of fun as well. However, YouTube on the iPhone isn't without its frustrations.

For one thing, you tend to want to show people the same video over and over. Waiting for the video to download repeatedly is less than exciting. Additionally, videos originally seen at WiFi quality (the iPhone downloads higher quality video when connected to the internet via WiFi) lose a lot of their luster when seen at EDGE quality.


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