Flash on iPhone? Cross Your Fingers

How long have we been hearing about Flash coming to MobileSafari? Why is Flash installed on 98% of desktops and 800 million mobile devices, yet not one is an iPhone? Apparently it has been in development since June 2008. Apple was unhappy with the limited old Flash Lite, and the full version would suck up too many resources on the already battery-strapped iPhone.

adobe flash apple iphone mobile safari

We were expecting a release in September 2008, however somebody must have decided that version of the iPhone Flash wasn't good enough for release. Adobe's CEO, Shantanu Narayen said, "The onus is on us to deliver." What was billed as a collaboration between Apple and Adobe now sounds like an Adobe responsibility. Necessity is the word that comes to mind if you're an iPhone user.

iTunes Carrier Update Brings AT&T MicroCell to iPhone

Interested in your own personal cell tower? AT&T is poised to release its femtocell solution for individual users, dubbed the MicroCell. iPhone users rejoice, you have not been forgotten. iTunes has started delivering a carrier update that will support the use of 3G iPhones with the MicroCell device.

Carrier updates are files that include settings which tell the iPhone how to connect to the cellular network and where to look for data such as maps, stocks, and weather. The AT&T MicroCell will require a broadband Internet connection, GPS reception, and will provide support for up to ten 3G mobile devices (even if they're not iPhones).

Apple Reviewing Satellite Radio iPhone App

The same streaming Sirius XM radio stations available to subscribers on the web are coming to the iPhone. The application, scheduled for submission to Apple for approval today, is named the uSirius StarPlayr. Streams will be available via Wi-Fi, 3G or EDGE.

usirius starplayr iphone app

Development of the app is part of the StreamSmart project, which plans to release StarPlayr on a variety of mobile and desktop computing platforms by 2010. The iPhone application is expected to price between $12.95 and $19.95. Users must have a current subscription to satellite radio, and can expect to pay an additional $2.99 per month for online stream access starting in March.

The iPhone Dev-Team's Golden Rule

In just a few short days the iPhone Dev-Team has worked out a fix for users interested in upgrading to 2.2.1 firmware without breaking the yellowsn0w unlock. As was announced earlier this week, the new firmware update from Apple changes the baseband version from 02.28.00 to 02.30.03, rendering yellowsn0w impotent.

If your device is an iPhone 3G and you're interested in unlocking now or in the future, you must follow the Dev-Team's Golden Rule. First and foremost do not use the iTunes update process without using PwnageTool. This means the official ipsw file for 2.2.1 must be modified so that the older baseband is preserved. Furthermore, the Dev-Team says this cannot be done with QuickPwn.

Apple to Reorganize App Store Games?

Apple, in a bid to better compete with Nintendo DS and Sony's PlayStation Portable (PSP), may be considering a separate section of its App Store devoted to games at $19.99. Part of the problem with the App store for major game publishers is the sheer number of games available makes it hard to stand out.

With all of the independent game developers out there the App Store boasts over 1500 games. They are the most popular category and represent roughly 25 percent of all applications available for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The top 100 list naturally leans towards less expensive, popular games.


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