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Today our brand new iPhoneFAQ iPhone product and accessory store launched. As many of you have noticed, the old store disappeared some time ago. Why? Well, we just weren't satisfied with the product offerings, navigational ease, and other aspects of the previous store. The good news is, the store is back, and this time it is much improved.

the iphonefaq online store for iphone accessories

We've partnered with MobiHand to bring you some of the best iPhone related products out there, with first class customer service and a winning reputation to back it up.

You'll be able to shop for new products for your iPhone right here while you're getting your daily fix of iPhone news, answers to frequently asked iPhone questions, rumors, tips, guides, and more. The new store features products such as Bluetooth headsets, iPhone cases, iPhone chargers, iPhone software, iPhone headphones and more.

Each week we'll feature new and popular products. Whenever possible, we'll offer hands-on, in-depth reviews of products found within the store to help with your decision making.

Hackers Regain Access to iPhone Under Firmware 1.1.1

Erica Sadun of TUAW, well known in the iPhone community for "Erica's utilities", has been liveblogging her attempt to replicate the success of two iPhone hackers, named "dinopio" and "Edgan", who have recently regained access to the full file tree of the iPhone through a bit of upgrade trickery. The latest update show that Erica has acheived similar success, proven by screen shots she has posted.

Evidently, access was regained by symbolically linking (symlinking) a portion of the iPhone's filesystem prior to an upgrade from firmware version 1.0.2 to version 1.1.1. The symlink in question is created by backing up the phone's Media directory and then symlinking the filesystem root to the Media directory.

Once the symlink is in place and the iPhone is upgraded, access is gained to the entire file tree using iPHUC (the iPhone Utility Client). In Sadun's tests, read and write access is tested and working, and a copy of the new Mobile Music Store application (MobileStore.app) has been pulled down.

The hope is that this latest development will give hackers the access they need to once again re-open the

How can I downgrade my iPhone from firmware 1.1.1 to 1.0.2 or earlier?

Since Apple released iPhone firmware update 1.1.1, there has been a lot of griping and complaining about Apple "re-locking" the iPhone. Users with SIM unlocked iPhones have had their phones bricked, while those who installed third party enhancements and applications on their iPhone have had these applications rendered useless.

Thankfully, thanks to a user in the Hackint0sh forums, a method of downgrading your iPhone firmware (previously thought to be impossible) is now available.

Next Generation iPhone to Offer 3G, WiMax, and 24 Hour Talk Time?

You're probably guessing that the title is a cheap teaser designed to get everyone's attention while offering nothing but unfounded speculation about the mysteries of the universe. Well, you'd be wrong - for the most part. Sure, the title is intended to catch your eye, but there's some real meat here. While absolutely nothing is clear, news from part suppliers suggest that Apple may be eyeing up Intel's recently announced Moorestown MID (Mobile Internet Device) platform for use in an upcoming model of the iPhone. What's more, the perks mentioned in the title are just a sampling of what Moorestown is expected to bring to the table.

intel logo mid platform

Based on the upcoming 2008 Menlow MID platform, Moorestown will be the product of a new, cooler, 45-nanometer manufacturing process which Intel says will produce chips for mobile devices and handheld PCs that are ten times more power efficient than today's chips. Such power efficiency could result in an iPhone, or other mobile device, which can offer 24 hours of usage on a single charge, according to Intel.

On top of the power saving features of Moorestown comes a beefy lineup of hardware offerings and support. The new chips will integrate CPU, GPU and memory controllers functions. Both Moorestown and it's predecessor, Menlow, are expected to support 3G, WiMAX (4G), hardware accelerated 3D such as OGL2.0, HD video decoding and

Review: V-Moda Vibe Duo Earbuds

One of the highest selling category of accessories for the Apple iPhone will no doubt be replacement
headphones and earbuds. Though almost everyone would agree that the included Apple iPhone earbuds are adequate, few would describe them as stellar, and they certainly won't suit the growing
community of audiophiles out there.


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