iOS Game of the Month: Smash Hit [Tips]

It may seem a bit premature to declare Smash Hit the best game released to the Apple App Store this month, but it is hard to believe that something more addictive and entertaining will take its place on my iPhone before March is over. I have to admit that it was a tweet by The Verge, and free price, that led me to download the game in the first place. I hadn't intended to review Smash Hit but after picking it as our "Game of the Week" in our weekly recap, I decided it needed more attention because it is just too fun to ignore.

Smash Hit

Smash Hit is an easy to play but challenging game where you must throw balls at glass obstacles that get in your way while flying through different 3D dimensions. You begin the game with 25 balls and can collect more by smashing blue crystals scattered throughout the various levels. The game is over when you run out of balls.

Smash Hit

The game may sound simple, and even dumb, but its minimalist approach is what makes is so great. The beautiful 3D graphics of each level, the soothing ambient music, and the sound of breaking glass all perfectly sync up to create a surreal, therapeutic experience. A game of this nature is normally frustrating as you move up to the more difficult levels, but there is just something about Smash Hit that makes you want to keep trying instead of giving up.

Smash Hit
The controls are easy, you just tap on your screen where you want your projectiles to land as you automatically fly through each level. The object is to smash the various walls, and other random obstacles, in your way because you lose ten balls whenever you crash through a blockade. The game will tally your distance and award you points every time you run out of balls and lose the game. You can also pick up various power-ups and earn multiball to help you along the way.
Smash Hit

Smash Hit features 50 different rooms with 11 different graphic styles. The game is free to download but it is $1.99 to unlock the full version. The full version of the game allows you to utilize check points, cloud saves and unlocks statistics like your longest streak.

Smash Hit

Here are a few tips if you do take my advice and download Smash Hit.

- Not every obstacle needs to be smashed to be avoided.
- Not every power up is helpful on the level you find it. Save them for when you're stuck.
- Some obstacles that look like they take more than one ball to smash sometimes only require one.
- Some obstacles can still hit you even after you smashed it. Hit these targets earlier.
- Don't waste multiple balls on crystals. Sometimes it is better to let them go than throw more balls than you will receive. Some crystals give you three, some give you five and some give you ten.
- Keep trying! Levels get easier when you learn their rhythm, however, the obstacles do seem to be randomly generated so the levels are never identical.
- Be careful you don't accidentally use a power-up when trying to throw low. I assume this is more of a problem on the iPhone rather than on the iPad.