iPhone holds top spot on Flickr in 2015

Flickr 2015

The photo sharing site Flickr has revealed its 2015 Year in Review. Aside from showcasing some of the year's best photography, Flickr is able to crunch the EXIF data embedded in photos uploaded to the site. As it turns out, camera phones were used to capture a total of 39 percent of all photos and videos posted this year.

Breaking down the numbers further, a full 42 percent of still photos were shot on the iPhone. Apple led the pack with Canon EOS cameras clocking 27 percent and the Nikon D series capturing 16 percent of all photos in 2015. The iPhone has ruled the roost on Flickr for some time, and this year is no different.

The iPhone 6 came in first place among Apple devices, with the iPhone 5s following. The iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 5 took third and fourth place respectively, and the iPhone 4s trailed behind. When including non-Apple products, the Samsung Galaxy S5 was the only phone to break into the top 5, squeezing between the iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 5 to take fourth place in the rankings.

Camera phones continue to outpace other device types on Flickr. DSLR models were responsible for 31 percent of the video and still photos uploaded in 2015. These were followed by point and shoot cameras at 25 percent, and mirrorless models at just 3 percent of the total. Details can be found on Flickr's Camera Finder page.

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