Apple Highlights of the Week: Apple Watch 2, iPhone SE deconstruction, and more

Apple Watch alarm clock

Spring is here, and this means speculation surrounding WWDC is in the air. This time it's about the next generation Apple Watch. Also with spring comes some of our favorite fitness apps, with a top 5 from the running department. Apple fixes a Siri bug on the iPhone 6s, and Reddit launches its official app. Here are some Apple highlights from the week:

iPhone SE teardown reveals cost of components

Three iPhone SE teardowns are now on record, with IHS declaring the latest iPhone costs apple $160 per unit to manufacture. iFixit rated the iPhone SE a 6 out of 10 in the repairability department, where 10 is the easiest to fix. All of the teardowns revealed how Apple combined a variety of parts, as Chipworks notes, from the iPhone 5s, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s to create the SE.

Reddit: The Official App now available

After purchasing the rights to Alien Blue, Reddit has relaunched the app as its officially branded Reddit app. Reddit: The Official App features a Discover section full of different categories, with links to popular subreddits. Now that the app is live, find out everything you need to know about Reddit: The Official App.

Apple fixes iPhone 6s Siri passcode bypass

Apple has issued a security fix, to prevent iOS users from falling prey to a Siri passcode bug. Photos or Contacts could be accessed on an iPhone 6s or 6s Plus without using a password, thanks to a workaround using 3D Touch and Siri. While the process was somewhat obscure, the good news is that Apple was able to fix the problem without an iOS update. Speaking of Siri, the personal assistant now answers more detailed baseball questions, just in time for spring.

Spring is here: 5 essential running apps for iOS

For anyone who enjoys running, or plans to run anyway as part of a fitness plan, there are many iOS apps ready to help. Check out some of the best iOS running apps, such as Spotify, Couch to 5K, and Nike+ Running, and find out why they made the top 5 running apps list. Tracking runs, listening to music on the go, and interacting with other runners to share results make for a rich feature set.

Thinner Apple Watch coming at WWDC?

Fresh from the speculation desk, analyst Brian White predicts that Apple will reveal a thinner Apple Watch at this year's WWDC in June. The new model could be 20-40 percent thinner than the current version, which would be a significant savings in space and weight on user's wrists. Previous reports indicated the new Apple Watch wouldn't launch until September, along with the iPhone 7.