Apple News of the Week: AMC app lands on Apple TV, Apple Watch 2 untethered

AMC Network app Apple TV

Looking to watch The Walking Dead or The Night Manager on Apple TV? AMC has launched its official tvOS app for the fourth generation set top box. Fans can now stream all of AMC's original series with a TV provider login. In other news, the next Apple Watch could utilize cellular data to gain independence from the iPhone. Speaking of iPhone, demand for the iPhone SE continues to exceed supply. Read on for these stories and more.

AMC app now available on Apple TV

Apple TV owners can now enjoy all of AMC's original programming on their set top box. AMC has released its free streaming app for tvOS on the App Store. Titles such as The Walking Dead, Fear the Walking Dead, Better Call Saul, and more can be viewed with a TV provider login. Selected episodes can even be watched for free without logging in. AMC now offers apps for iOS devices and Apple TV to deliver its show catalog on demand.

Four CareKit-enabled apps launch for iOS

Four apps have launched as part of Apple's CareKit framework, the third medical platform following HealthKit and ResearchKit. The CareKit-enabled apps received new feature updates thanks to Apple giving third-party developers early access to the code. CareKit is now available to all developers via Github's open source community. The updated apps include Start, a depression management tool and One Drop, designed to help manage diabetes. Nurture and Baby are also available, which are apps focused on pregnancy and infant health data.

iPhone SE demand outpaces supply

iPhone SE delivery times remain at 2-3 weeks on the Apple Store online. Apple is working to meet "very strong" demand according to discussion on its fiscal Q2 earnings call. While demand for the 4-inch iPhone is higher than anticipated, Apple has not released sales figures. The smaller, snappier iPhone SE offers the latest hardware at a reduced cost to attract new customers. By contrast, the iPhone 6s is currently shipping on the next day.

Nintendo teases two new mobile titles

According to a recent tweet, Nintendo plans to port the games Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing to mobile devices. In the 3DS game Animal Crossing, players manage a village populated with animals and must perform tasks like fishing and planting. The title features open-ended, real time gameplay. The popular 3DS game Fire Emblem is a tactical RPG. Nintendo hasn't revealed many details about the mobile versions, including how they plan to monetize the titles. Both games will follow up the release of Miitomo, which launched in March to mixed reviews.

Next Apple Watch to include cellular data

The next generation Apple Watch may not receive an external design update, but the wearable could see significant component upgrades. The Wall Street Journal reports that Apple plans to add cellular data connectivity to the Apple Watch 2. The news comes hot on the heels of Apple's requirement that new watchOS apps run natively on the device by June. This requirement could result in improved performance, since apps will no longer require an iPhone connection. A cellular modem could make Apple Watch more of a stand alone device with its own data plan.