Hulu, YouTube to offer live TV in 2017

Apple TV fourth generation

Apple will have some competition if the company continues to pursue a live TV channel package for the Apple TV. Both Hulu and YouTube have announced plans to launch streaming TV services as soon as next year. For its part, Apple has been rumored to be working on content deals for some time. A quality bundle of 25 channels was slated to arrive for monthly subscription in November 2015, however subsequent reports indicate Apple's plans have been delayed.

In the meantime, Hulu announced its package would offer on-demand content as well as channels from cable and broadcast networks. Content would include news, sports and other shows mostly from Disney and Fox owned channels. Negotiations with NBCUniversal are said to be in the early stages. Hulu plans to release more details later this year.

YouTube calls their live TV service Unplugged. Work on the project has been ongoing for years, with the company completely redesigning its backend architecture. Talks are rumored to be in progress with content providers including Fox, NBCUniversal, CBS and Viacom. YouTube plans to be competitive with pricing, giving access to monthly subscribers for $35 or less.

The Hulu plan could be more expensive, topping $40, however nothing is confirmed. The higher price may include access to shows already available on demand from Hulu. Competing services such as PlayStation Vue ($30 per month) and Sling ($20 per month) are already available. Apple seems to be targeting around 25 channels at a subscription price of $30 or less per month.

Apple TV could see another boost in 2017, with more live content in the works to make the purchase of a new unit more attractive to cord-cutters.