iPhone 3.0 Concept Illustrates Black Bezel Look

Twitpic user Carniphage has posted a mockup to MacRumors of what the next generation iPhone 3.0 might look like, based on the "4G" bezel that appeared on the website of a Chinese parts seller. Here's the artist's rendition:

apple iphone 3.0 black bezel

Great work, especially using only a few photos of the black iPhone bezel as a basis for the concept. The shape of the black bezel is clearly different from the iPhone 3G, with the speaker much closer to the edge of the device.

Online wholesaler China Ontrade was discovered to have a menu item labeled iPhone 4G Spare Parts, and claims to have stocked two parts from the not-yet-released third generation iPhone.

One of the parts is the bezel frame shown in the rendition above, and the other an LCD screen. The bezel frame sports a different shape and color than the iPhone 3G bezel, and runs $79.27.

Some are speculating that a built-in front facing camera is now more likely, considering the extra space available behind the glass touchscreen under the ear speaker.

With only a few more days until the WWDC keynote address, every piece of information that leaks builds more anticipation for Apple's next generation iPhone.